Sunday, March 19

Current project

I've been working on another design of my own, and actually taking pictures as I go along. It all started with this stuff that my sister and I dyed with Easter Egg dyes last year. One ply merino, one of Corrie - both rovings dyed in the same packet, but I did a slight offset of the colors for the plying.

I've been trying to figure out what to do with the yarn since I made it last August. Because the yarn that I made is basically one very long gradation of colours I didn't want to do anything where I have to divide for the front and the back. I also don't want to have to worry about separate sleeves - though I think I might be able to find enough roving in the right color to match when I get to that point.

This is where the top is right now. I have to take a trip to the frog pond, and am trying to decide how far back to rip. I really like the bottom lace edging. I really like the ribbing/slip stitch pattern that I carried up from the lace edging. I'm fairly happy with the decreases, though after I uploaded the picture I decided that they might look a bit wonky. I have to think about it... Also, all the decreasing is done right at the front, and I'm thinking I should probably have done some at the sides or the back, lots of decisions. But hey - look - the colors are turning out awfully pretty aren't they? Even more subtly shaded than shows up in any of the pictures that I've taken - but this is a pretty good representation I think.

The neck/sleeve treatment is going to be some kind of square neck something.... probably based on a Connie Delaney pattern that I really like. But maybe more of Annie Modesitt's Silk Corset - which is a pattern that's been in my UFO basket for too long as well.

Oh, and just one more photo - it's a pattern that I found on Garnstudio, I really want to make some more of these. I really don't like the yellow that I picked out for this one, We were watching something on the telly, and the only color that I thought I had enough of and could find in the yarn that I wanted to use (from stash) was this . Everyone says it's a great color on me - but it hasn't seen much wear. I do like the fit, and am thinking of doing another one in a nice grey cotton/rayon that's been aging in stash.

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