Tuesday, April 18

Places I have knit

I found a contest on Kat-Knits when I was surfing around on the brand new Spindlers Ring on Sydney's site, and thought what the heck - good blog fodder!

I knit everywhere! Planes, trains and automobiles. Waiting in line, at festivals, on my walks, you name it. But I think that the contest requires 5 of the most unusual places that you have knit. Well, let's see:

1. I knit during the movies. I think that my all time most impressive moment was when I knit a sock while watching a movie in the theatre. I even turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches.

2. I've knit while hiking the whole way round Treasure Island, which was a wonderful experience, if you ever get a chance to go - please do!

3. I've knit on vacation to Malta.

4. I knit while visiting Tintagel, in Cornwall which is widely purported to be the birthplace of King Arthur. You can see me holding a yellow blob which was a bog standard diagonal dishcloth baby blanket that I was knitting for my sweet baby Chloe, right about the time she was born.

I love some of the English signages, (click for big) you can see that there's a pictorial representation of someone falling off a cliff! Cracked me up!

And last but certainly not least:
5. I've spent many an hour knitting in the Forest Room at my friend Don's house. This room is amazing - the whole house is pretty amazing actually. But if you look closely you can just see the outline of the door going out of the room into the hallway, (which these days is painted in a similar fashion - but that hadn't happened when I lived in Oxford). This room was painted over a very long period of time by my friend Stig, who has spent upwards of 500 hours on this Trompe L'oeil. If you look closely you can see the outline of the door out of the room, just to the right of the knothole in the tree and on over up the ruined tower. I just love the pathway through the trees. It honestly almost feels like you can walk through there. The fluorescent paint lit with blacklight gives an incredible feeling of depth - and there are so many wonderful little details:

Bunnies sitting in the grass, surrounded by bluebells. So sweet!

A swan swimming along in front of a waterfall in one of the corners of the room. The detail is really amazing to behold, and be a part of. I really miss my friends in Oxford sometimes.

What a fun contest! I'm so glad you got me to thinking about all this, thanks Kat-Knits!


kat said...

wow what a crazy room! not sure i could concentrate on knitting there.

Monica said...

That's an amazing room!

Janet said...

I'm stunned by that room! Wow. I don't know if I could knit... I'd just be staring around in wonder.