Friday, June 30

Butterflies and Angst and photos

Hey everyone, I just haven't had a chance to sit down and blog. I do have a fair amount to talk about and show you. I'm loving my new camera! Though I have to say I just found the 12mp setting on it, and I'm still figuring out the finer points of taking pictures with it. But with the 1gb chip that I got for my birthday, I can't even imagine filling up my card and having to stop before I have to go download the pics.

Friday when I went to go on my walk a beautiful butterfly posed for me - I was able to get about a dozen pictures of it before it flew away. That just really made my day!

Friday was a hard day at work - I thought for sure I was going to develop a twitch. I'm so happy that it's a lovely long weekend!

Yesterday I worked on my NGS top... I'm trying to think of a name for it. Abiknits' No Guage Swatch Top = ANGST, which I'm thinking doesn't exactly work.

Last time I posted I promised to show you the actual edging that you end up with the 3 color garter stitch that I'm using... On this particular top I pick up along these edges, this part is more of a center placket. I made the middle sections a tiny bit too big on this version - but I think it's working nicely. I am just about done now... Just have a few more ends to weave in and am trying to decide if I want to carry the lace pattern from the sleeves down to the bottom of the sweater. I think I probably will. I'm down to the last partial ball of the dark blue though, so I'm hoping that there will be enough to go all the way round.

I took this pic yesterday right after I finished off the sleeves. The ends aren't woven in yet, and I needed to close up the neck a bit, and sew the underarm seams on the sleeves. The only sewing this top requires. The sleeves are just a basic sideways knitted on garter lace edging that I found at the Homework section on It's the Cane Leaf lace edging. I love this site. Sarah Bradberry has done so much work on it! She's taken over 100 patterns from an old 1891 book called Homework (published in 1891), charted the patterns, and knit little swatches. There are a ton of lace edgings, and also some counterpanes and garment designs. If you hadn't seen this particular corner of the internet - then you really should check it out - it's been an invaluable resource for me.

Next post I'll try to get some better finished shots (head not cut off, and not the self portrait in the mirror shot). This mirror is actually the medicine cabinet in my kitchen. Very handy for keeping all my vitamins in.

Now on to some more pretty pictures of flowers and stuff that just generally makes me happy!


Monika said...

Hi Abi, I've missed your blogging. Beautiful pictures. One can see that you love taking pictures of nature. The top looks great! Very clever and the color is nice too. Looking forward to the final product! ;o)

April said...

Duckie butts up in the air! I love it when they do that!!! Beautiful pics (as usual!) and that top is great! Thanks for keeping us posted. Your blog is one of my favorites!