Thursday, July 27

Thanks Abi!

Yes it does seem a bit strange writing the title to this post as well! But I just wanted to publicly thank Abi over at Spiderwoman Knits for the lovely stitch markers that she made and sent to me - and all just for e-mailing her, welcoming her to her new digs over at Typepad! Now - there aren't many of us Abi's (especially those that spell it this way) - or even Abby's, Abbies, and Abbey's over the age of 10. I think I've spelled my name all of those ways at some point in my life. So of course I had to say hi.

Oh, and when I went to go copy her link from her site, I just saw the most gorgeous Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl - that's been on my list for ages now! Must finish this post before looking at links to other ones that she's showing...

In other news: I finally got to meet one of my youngest son's girlfriends last night. This is a Big Deal. He's had girlfriends before. None of them long term. None that I think he was really excited about if you know what I mean. This one is Different. The First girlfriend to meet mom. I think it's more because he's afraid that I'll embarress him. We were sitting out in the courtyard and I said that I wanted to spin. He said, "No Mom, no spinning!" I'd think she'd think it was kinda cool - but I know it's different - and different is bad when you're 16. Also, I'm very proud to say that I didn't call him Boodle-Dumpling even once in front of her.

He called me at work yesterday - the conversation went something like this:

Boo: "Mom - I need money"
Me: "What are you going to do?"
Boo: "I'm going to take her out to dinner and buy her flowers - it's our anniversary!"
Me: "No, what are you going to do to earn the money?"
Boo: Silence
Me: "well - the house needs to be cleaned, and the yard needs to be raked, dishes need to be done, even though it's your turn anyway, there's quarters for laundry in the jar by the door shelf..."
Boo: "OK - Hey Mom, where's a good place to buy flowers?"
Me: "Well Safeway has a pretty good flower section - I have to stop by there on my way home from work anyway, do you want me to try to pick some out for you?"
Boo: Noooooo
Me: "What about some roses? You can't really go wrong with roses."
Boo: "Well, what's the color for romance? Red?"
Me: Yeah - red
Boo: "yeah, red roses if they have some nice ones.

Can you believe it? I'm actually surprised that he even knew that different colors of flowers mean different things! And the anniversary? They've been going out for one whole week, isn't that just the sweetest thing! I brought him home 14 red roses for her, and he was so proud walking up to her when she and her mom got to my house. It was just the sweetest thing ever. We'll see if anything comes of this - but I have a feeling this girl might be hanging around a bit. Stay tuned!

On the knitting front - really not much happening at all. The spinning has just completely taken over my life - I've got projects going on two wheels and two spindles right now. And I'm really making friends with my Skipper now too - It's still nowhere near as smooth as my Joy, but it's kind of like comparing riding a Harley with it's whop whop whop - power and coolness as opposed to a new rice burner - where everything is just silky smooth, maybe not so much ooomph - but lots of comfort.

I'm thinking about starting a P90. I'm planning on just using some stash cotton/rayon blend - same stuff as I had in my No Gauge Swatch Top - but with just some grey and white yarn. But wait! What about using the silk/wool blended cable yarn that I've been spindle spinning? Hmmm - now that just might be an idea!

I should start plying up my spindle spun silk and silk/wool tonight after I get home. It's going to be gorgeous (I hope!) and go well enough with the Ice Blue yarn that's listed over to the right on my sidebar to have enough to do a top with. Hum, well - gosh - I think I'm going to go home now!


Sarah said...!!???

Lord Help me.

Love the stitch markers and your spinning is gorgeous.

I am having the same problem with my knitting since I have been sewing A LOT! Not much knitting.

Christine The Cheeky Red Head said...

I love the yarn you have on the new wheel.

Deede said...

Oooh that's funny, about the Abi stitch markers! Ya know that I have the daughter who's name is Abi. She knits, and she makes stitch markers TOO. Weeiiirrd.