Tuesday, August 22


Pattern: p90
Yarn: Jonelle DK cotton/rayon from John Lewis (uk)
Mods: Quite a few. I subbed the recommended yarn, and did it in two solid coloured stripes - just 2 row garter stitch, at the top I did some wider stripes of the grey. I made the top triangle quite a lot longer than called for in the pattern, (36 rows vs 24). I changed the decrease in the center top. Probably a few more that I can't think of right now - but it's done! And I love it! You can see the pics better on my Flickr album clicky on the link up there to your left.

More to talk about - no time! Have to go feed the ravening teenage boy.

Have fun!



Karen said...

Wow, that came out beautiful!!! And it certainly looks like one of those tops that's versatile enough to become a wardrobe staple for sure!! Great job.

Sarah said...

Look really good!

Sner said...

Looks great - I love how the lines compliment the body! I sent you an email re the ball winder. It's under my real name "Heather". Hope to hear from you soon.

enallagma9 said...

Nice, very nice. One more pattern to add to the queue.

Tallguy said...

I have to say that top is gorgeous! I've seen some others make this one, but yours does look very good. I think the colours you chose are perfect together, and the design works out very well. It does fit you perfectly too!

Now, could you identify some of the flowers you include in your blog? I find them wonderful, and I've not seen many of them. I sure would like to know what they are!

Sarah said...

Very cute! I like it on you!

I really need to get my butt in gear and knit a tank I like...my first is horrid!