Sunday, October 8

Where oh where has my little ball gone?

So I whimped out. Totally and completely whimped. I'm doing a bog standard raglan sleeved cardigan shaping on the Caramel Swirl Cardigan.

I do have a good reason, I'm doing it back and forth (steeks scare the bejeezus outta me), and if I'd continued on with the original plan of a saddle shoulder, I would have had difficulty doing decreases every third round, so I went the route of the familiar. It's not really as red as it shows in this picture, I caught the last of the light this afternoon.

I would probably be done with the thing if I could just find the last ball. I know there's one more ball of yarn that I spun. Where it might be? No friggin clue. I really should be home right now doing laundry and looking for that ball.

I also went ahead and started the Wings o'the Moth shawl. I did really well last night - then started knitting this morning, and somehow screwed up the patterning on each side of the center increases, so I'm on an extended tinking session.

Why is it that it takes so much longer to fix a mistake, than it does to just do it right in the first place... Another reminder to myself that I really shouldn't be trying anything complicated after midnight - or before the pot of coffee that I seem to need before my brain can function properly in the mornings.

The BBE and I went on a lovely walk today. We just went into the marshes by his house. It is just so mind blowing that you can get out into such prettiness so close to the freeway, and the hustle and bustle of central Marin.

We saw lots of birds - I was particularly pleased with this heron that we found. We were able to get really close to it.

Beautiful views... This is Mt Tamalpais in the background - you would never guess that the freeway and who even knows how many thousands of people are between the plants in the foreground, and the mountain in the background.

The Blue Angels buzzed around for a while - it's Fleet Week in San Francisco. I got some pictures of the planes flying in formation - but they were so far away that you probably wouldn't be able to see it very well.

I almost stepped on this guy as I was walking down the one of the paths. We moved him so he wouldn't have to worry about someone else coming along and squishing him.

We even found a rope swing to play on, and both took some turns.

It was a beautiful day - and a nice weekend. I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I wanted to. I have loads of laundry still - though I took the Boo shopping yesterday and bought a bunch of good stuff - whoo hoo for new clothes!

And I still need to block my Azalea shawl. I had high hopes of doing some dyeing this weekend. But mostly I still need to clean my house, and get ready for the upcoming week.


stringthing said...

what roving are you holding in the last post? it looks uber-yummy

Susan said...

Wings of the Moth looks like it's going to be gorgeous! That's not that superfine yarn you spun is it?!! Wow.

Sarah said...

I have to tink my Wings shawl too...and spend some serious time figuring out how to make chart 2 work!

Sarah said... much update!

I love hiking around in the Bay Area marshes. So peaceful and so close to everything is right.

Good luck tinking the Wing O the Moth!

And the camel sweater is looking lovely!

The crazy cat lady said...

That Merino makes me drool, still.
You are an amazing spinner.

Where in California do you live? You said 'the half-way mark'?

Santa Barbara? Carmel?

meg said...

What a lovely idea, that walk. Sounds great! I hope you find that last ball easily.

Crow Calling Woman said...

I am doing the Wing-of-the-Moth too and I had to write out a graph in order to keep track of the pattern. Top row is the row number I am on, while the side column keeps track of what row of the pattern repeat I am on.