Friday, November 10

Actual Knitting Content

Well the crud caught up with me. I have been totally down for the count since about Tuesday night. Wednesday was the worst. Getting the mail was a Herculean task. Brushing my hair hurt. Basically I was just laid out. When I managed to actually get up and vertical and moving I swear I resembled nothing less than an extra from Night of the Living Dead. I went to the doctor today, and was told that it looked like I had a really bad cold, and to get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, and gave me a note for work. I needed the note for work because I've been off for three days. I would not have gone to the doctor if I didn't need the note. Because I know that while I feel like death warmed over, and I don't have much energy, that's exactly what the doctor was going to tell me - and yes, I'm drinking lots of fluids and trying to get plenty of rest.

But! I was able to wind up the ball of sock yarn. Wow - who woulda thought that winding a ball of yarn would be so hard! And I actually started knitting my handdyed, handspun socks! I pulled out Socks X3 and just used the basic stitch pattern for the Feather and Fan socks which I have been eyeing for years now, and just never got around to doing until now.

I'm on the main part of the foot on sock #2 now - and am looking at finishing them off tonight. I'm a 4 dpn's and top down kind of sock knitter. I've always kind of thought it would be really cool to do two socks at a time, but the few times I've tried it I've had to concede defeat. The casting on has beaten me every time.

This is my first ever pair of handspun socks! I have so much commercial sock yarn, it's just a bit overwhelming really! I have a really hard time leaving a yarn shop without at least a ball of sock yarn. It's true that sock yarn doesn't count - but it's also true that it sure does add up.

Before I started these socks I thought that the yarn itself would be really nice for a multidirectional scarf - and I'm almost sorry I didn't stay with my first instinct - but you know, I'm sick, and I knew I could deal with a pair of socks in my muddled state, so that's what I stuck with. I do like how the trekkingesque patterning is coming out. And I really like the fact that I can get a pair of socks that fit my huge feet on 64 stitches. Really makes them fly along. Most of my socks are done on 2.o mm needles, so this was a nice change. I think that most of the needles that I used on these socks are about a 2.5 mm. I just grabbed some likely looking sizes from my dpn jar, I think I ended up with a birch needle, a bamboo needle, a cassein needle and a metal needle - but as EZ says and differences in sizing on dpn's in a project really aren't noticable - and they really aren't.

Well, that's about all I have the energy for today. The BBE wants to drag me out to get burgers and he needs a new video game. Or something. I think I'll sit in the car and knit.

But in the meantime - I also have.... This lovely Monarch butterfly that I captured the other day at work.


Ducktastic said...

You poor thing. :( At least you have yummy yarn and the BBE to keep you company. I'm amazed that you can knit socks while sick! I can't even chum gum and walk at the same time when I've got a cold - I swear the snot takes over my brain. ;)

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Ducktastic said...

Erm, that's chew gum. Apparently my brain doesn't function so well even when I'm healthy. ;)

Monika said...

I hope you feel better soon. The sock looks really nice!

Sarah said...

Love the socks!

I hope you feel better this weekend.

Tracy said...

Nothing worse than feeling yucky. Rest up Girl! LOVE the socks!