Wednesday, November 1

Flashin my fiber stash

A wonderful call to flash your fiber stash has arisen on the Knitty board - there's even a FYFS blog so those of you who aren't in on the hype can go see some much better pictures than mine! I wrote out Abiknits & Spins in roving and tried to take a picture of it - here it is in all it's craptastic glory :-)

I fully intended to go through and take loads of lovely pr0ny pictures... but I was organised enough to grab a good portion (probably a good third) of my fiber stash and take pics of it this weekend, while it was still light enough to get decent pictures. This is probably about (I'm guessing) a third of my fiber stash. It is probably the third that is towards the top of the pile.

This time change definitely discombobulates the blogging ability of being able to take pictures in decent light - that's fer shure!

I take an awful lot of my pictures on these here hedges. Really nice to have them available. Here's a shot of me at the end of one of the hedges - just for scale.

The BBE kept saying - but that's not all of your fiber! No - of course it's not. But I didn't have as much time as I'd like (which is totally the story of my life these days!) And trying to dig fiber out of every nook and cranny that it's hidden in around the house - well... more than I could manage last weekend - and of course it's d.a.r.k. by the time I leave work now. Darn daylight savings time!

I did try to get a few more pics... Here's the stuff that is kept in my secretaire desk - three drawers (one is just a few inches tall - so not much in the bottom drawer) which is the top picture here. And also has tussah silk - alpaca - linen/viscose blend
This is some camel down, mystery white fiber - there's some fawn alpaca that you can't really see (sheesh - I suck!) That's OK - probably better to leave the prizes to others who don't already have their kids telling them that they'll never be able to spin up all their fluff.

This is the top drawer - yak down, more silk, some chiengora/wool mix (I've never tried it). Some ingeo/wool mix, which needs to be dyed.

Also I've got a couple of fleeces that need to be processed. I have to say that I've been pretty good about not buying raw fleeces, I know that I just don't have the time to process them. I also don't have a washing machine and it just takes such a long time - otherwise I'd probably be in really really big trouble! This first one is a grey Shetland that I've washed most of - carded a tiny bit of, and am not too impressed with. I'm always hearing people rave about shetland, but this one is really coarse - not sure if they all are. But I'm doubting it!

I also have an East Friesian yearling fleece. This is not supposed to be a breed that is bred for their wool, more for their milk I believe... But being a yearling - I think it should actually clean up really really nicely. I've had it for well over a year now, and haven't done anything with it (yet). I've been thinking about dyeing it in the lock and then trying to process that way - probalby keep me more entertained anyway, and so have more of a chance than the proverbial snowball in hell.

So thanks for perusing some of my stash with me - You'll be seeing more of this - hopefully next time as spun yarn.

My Caramel Swirl is still awaiting a neck edging of some sort - I've been looking far and wide for something that I like and I think will work, and fit into 54 stitches in a sensible manner. Then weaving in underarms and other various ends and a blocking to end all blockings. Once I land on something that will work for the neck edge, it really won't take more than an hour or two to finish off. So close, and yet so far.


beadlizard said...

There is a wide genetic range in Shetland fleece. Some are single coated (relatively uniform) and others are dual coated (a coarser wool and a finer wool mixed). I've seen everything from carpet warp grade to nearly invisible froghair, from coal black to snow white and every shade of brown and gray in between, and very short to very long.

It tends to be pretty high crimp, open structure, not very waxy, and they're small sheep so the fleeces are small. A good Shetland fleece is a dream to spin, but you really have to be picky. I used to buy from Judy Colvin, but she's been switching her herd over to BL, I think. --Syl

merlinthecat said...

nice stash$!!!

Anonymous said...

That's only a third? Lucky, lucky you! Nice stash!

the kitchener bitch said...

Beautiful stash! I am very curious about the Friesland fleece - you'll have to post more info about what it's like. I have a Rambouillet fleece that i forgot to photograph...

cathy said...

lovely stash. What a good use for the hedges.

Kessa said...

That is some stash you have! And that picture of them on the bushes is really cute. Nothing like a little sun for those lovely babies. ;)

Anonymous said...

Quality of shetland fleece also depends on the surroundings its raised on & what its fed. Here on fair isle our shetlands are reputed to be the finest fleeced in the breed, the sheep are all hill bred, eat heathers & other sedges, where as shetlands out of theyre natural grazing (remember these are bred to live in extreme conditions & and at altidudes other sheep just couldnt make it on) living on lowland parkland, eating really good grass & being hard fed tend to loose theyre ability to produce a fine superior fleece.

Lorena said...

Bahaha! I looked at the photo before I read anything, and thought "does that spell...?" Good to know you actually were spelling me, because I was afraid the fiber was talking to me! I've finally gone mad mad mad I tell you, the fiber is spelling things out! (I just woke up and need more coffee...).

You have a stash to envy, that's for sure!

Lorena said...

I am also apparently not awake enough to type, because "Good to know you actually were spelling me" should say "Good to know you actually were spelling something".

Sigh. Sorry. All that fiber made me dizzy! :-)

Leah said...

Jeez...I hadn't heard of this hear flashin I need something else to do but I think I'm in. I wonder if I could get Bubby to stand still in a pile o'fiber??? You've got a good stash goin on but there's always room for more :)