Saturday, November 18

Fly by posting

OK - I only have a few minutes, and no pictures to share with y'all - but I did actually finish up the collar (yes you read that right) for the Caramel Swirl Cardigan. It is on my bedroom floor blocking right now, even as we speak (well - I guess I should say as I type). I even bought buttons - they're really pretty mother-of-pearly type buttons that will work nicely - just have to wait for the sweater to dry, and sew those puppies on. The official FO dance will commence on the next posting.

I also have a whole butt-load of fiber soaking in the sink at home waiting on me to start throwing dyes all over them. There's 8 ozs of CVM (California Variegated Mutant - mmm soft!), 8 ozs of honey coloured tussah silk (mmmm shiny!) The Kid Mohair/Merino that Megan sent me - I've been wanting to do just the "right" thing for this fiber, and still haven't totally figured out what that is, but also don't want it to get totally buried in the midst of my monstrosity of stash - so figured I'd just figure it out as I go along (like that's anything different than I normally do, right?). There's also some mystery spongy wool, some more Optim, and 8 ozs of superwash 64's.

I guess that counts as a butt-load (dont'cha just love the technical terminology used on this here blog?). Or maybe somewhere around 2.5-3 pounds of wool to dye.

Depending on how all that goes, I might just throw a couple more things into the mix. But I'm just about out of "fun" fibers to spin - don't have any "real" knitting projects going on right now, and am just at that point. You know that point don't you? Where you have umpteen bagillion possibilities, and dozens of different ideas floating around in your head - with nothing to sink your creative teeth into and be absorbed by. Yep - that's the one.

I also stopped by Borders last night and picked up the new IK - lovely projects. I picked up the new Knitters as well - mostly because I've always been intrigued by Ginger Luters work - and am trying to figure out if the T sweater in there couldn't be made into something really nice if one was to use some really pretty yarn. What are they thinking over there anyway?

And - I picked up the Victorian Lace book - I've been thinking for months and months now that a new lace knitting book should be coming out. I've been going to Borders and coming back empty handed and thinking, why are there no new lace books? Well. My wish has been granted. This is a beautiful book! Much like GOL, same type of instruction system, and layout.

My main quibble with the book is that there are a ton of projects in there that you can't really tell what they look like! I mean the photography is beautifully done - and the shawls and scarves look just gorgeous all wrapped up around the models. Why couldn't there just be a thumbnail pic of the piece laid out flat so you can see what it actually looks like? Tremendously annoying! And there are a couple of full pages of interior shots of what a Victorian house would look like and no knitting! Bestill my heart - no knitting! I'm not kidding. Hmmmph.

But I will say, that I had stopped by with the intention of looking at the book, deciding if I had to have it - and then ordering it via Amazon ($10 cheaper). Well - I bought myself an egg nog latte, sat down in a comfy chair and really looked through the book. Thought about my options for a few minutes, and just bought it on the spot. I just had to have it, and I didn't want to wait. So I guess that counts as a fairly rousing recommendation on my part as it is.

Anyway - Must head off. Will have lots of pretty pictures of FO's (well one anyway - but it's a handspun, handknit self-designed cardigan FO!) and lots of pretty pictures of newly dyed fibers, if I can manage to get to it tonight! And maybe a new WIP if I can figure out exactly what I should be working on at this moment in time, that will fulfill my soul, give me tremendous joy, and an abundance of fun and pleasure (or whatever else I decide to throw onto the needles).

Have fun!

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