Saturday, December 30

Back in the saddle.

Yeah, so I've been really crap about updating this here bloggy thing - and I've been totally crap about taking pictures of the stuff that I've been working on lately.

I spun up the rest of the Bubble Yummy silk, I ended up Navajo plying the two bobbins together to end up with a 6 ply 100% silk yarn... With lots of tangles and snarls. D'oh! I don't like Navajo plying very much to start with - but I had two full bobbins, and I needed some serious grist to it so I could use it with the original Bubble Yummy yarn. I ended up with 190 yards which will knit up nicely with the 3 ply that I made earlier, and hopefully be enough to make myself something purty.

I also did the last minute, oh shit - must knit presents for everyone... starting the Thursday before Christmas (Yeah, I know - remember I am crap!). Anyway, I ended up starting a Log Cabin baby blanket for my adorable nephew Zane. I hadn't made him one, and have been feeling guilty about it. Christmas just does bring up all kinds of guilt issues for me - there's always so much that I want to do, and feel like I should do - but I don't have the time or the energy or the money to do everything that I want to do, so what ends up happening is that not much at all actually gets done. This turns itself into a vicious cycle. I wish more than anything that I could just take to my bed, until it's all over - I have contemplated doing some sort of religious conversion just to get out of Christmas - but I'm not much for organised religion in the first place, and really not much for knocking on the doors of complete strangers. Basically I do end up getting through it - but it's a bit like bad sex.... Just lay back and think of Scotland.

The blanket got done, and I did not get one picture of it. What was I thinking? How could I have not gotten the picture. It's really not so difficult - my brother's house is only a five minute walk from my house, and have I gotten over there since? No. Sigh - oh well - I will get one soon and post it up here.

I ended up using commercial superwash wool for the baby blanket, and I realised that I have not knit with commercial yarn in some time now. It was not nearly as satisfying, that's for sure. I've been in on a conversation with some other spinners about how we as the creators only see all the imperfections, and are much harder on our own work than any one else would ever be. But at the end of the day that's what I really love about knitting with my handspun - it has character.

So anyway. It was a very quiet, low-key Christmas around Abi Abode. I did get a new (to me) couch thanks to Craigslist. I just love it! I could live on this couch - it is so comfy and cozy. Totally covered in denim, and like a comfortable pair of nicely worn in jeans. And yes, that is my Wings o'the Moth shawl covering the back. And yes, that is me spinning on my Joy. Pretty much my normal posture while spinning. I like to lounge baby. I also really like the Single Treadle, couldn't get this comfy if I had to have both feet working the peddles all the time....

I've been working on the CVM that I dyed in blues and greens on my last big dye day. It wants to spin up extremely fine - and there's 8 ozs of it. It's taking me days to just fill one bobbin. I'm planning on spinning up a bobbin of blue and green silk to ply with it.... Should be loverly! And hopefully a bit more substantial as a three ply. If I just did it up as a two ply it would only be good as a shawl, and this stuff is definitely next-to-skin soft.

Other big news around AbiAbode is that my daughter is moving back in with me. I've written before about how tiny my place is, but luckily there is crawl space above the entire length of my two studio apartments, and she can store most of her stuff up there. It will be cramped, and crowded, but we will make it work. It's awfully nice having her around though. She's getting settled in nicely, and trying to figure out what she wants to do as far as work and school.

And the last big item... My Christmas present from the BBE - sorry, I just have to show it off. I love it! I've always wanted emeralds. It's a Promise Ring, and something to show that my guy has "marked his territory". I still need to take it in to get sized, I have some skinny fingers, and it's a bit too big. But I don't want to give it up.

Anyway - I guess that's about it for this installment. One of my goals for the New Year is to make sure to update this thing on a more regular basis. There have been conversations about getting internet on again at my house, which will definitely make things a bit easier.


Sarah said...

Nice ring and couch!!!

I finally figured out my problem with Moth but can't motivate to go back at this moment.

Hope you have a nice New Year with your daughter living with you now.

Monika said...

Oh, what a lovely ring! I've never heard "promise ring" before you've mentioned it. Is it like an engagement ring? - or the step before that? ;o)
My Hannah's coming home in a few days, to pretty much do the same thing as your daughter. Thinking about work and school, I guess. She's 22 though. Need her help right now with takeing care of Karl. Wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy New Year!

DeltaDawn said...

Stunning ring, stunning daughter, and I think there's some money to be made in creating some sort of "escape from December" commune/travel plan/island retreat for all of us who would like to skip Christmas and its related insanity!

Carol said...

Now that I have seen your lounge-spinning technique, it makes me want to spin. That looks so easy! I know it's not completely easy and I should get over it, but....

String Bean said...

Yay, a Craigslist couch! My dad is such a Craigslist fanatic.

I love your ring. Very beautiful. Emeralds are one of my favorite stones.

Hope you had/have a happy new year.

enallagma9 said...

Hey, good to hear from you again. Lovely daughter! Lovely ring! Nice couch, too. So remember to take some pics, will ya? I love seeing what you make!

Beth said...

Beautiful ring! and congrats on the great find with that couch. It looks so comfy. I had to LOL at you spinning. When I first looked at the picture I thought, No she can't be spinning that kicked back! That's awesome.

flwrhead said...

You absolutely have me cracking up! I long for the days of yore, when women could "take to their beds"! I do the same over-zealous thing at xmas, but the past two years, I've toned it down a bit. I feel like I'm PERSONALLY responsible for making sure everyone has a nice xmas, and if I didn't DO all these things, it'll be ruined! Why do we do that to ourselves? I'm really over xmas.