Tuesday, January 16


I managed to get some pictures of the CVM/silk yarn all finished and ready to knit... Of course I can't cast anything on until I finish at least one WIP - so I think I'm going to go home tonight, kitchener up the sleeves on my Pi Shawl and call it good. Thanks for the comments folks - they really do help!

So here she is all 1,050 yards (10 ozs, in one skein). I wish I'd gotten at least one shot of it with something where you could get an idea of the scale of the monstrosity of it all... but I do love it! The skein was soaked in steaming hot water, and treated none to gently, which felted up the CVM strands in a really nice way... I love how this shot on one of the pathways near my work shows the glints of the silk throughout.

Here's a close up shot so you see the juxtaposition of the fulled CVM with the shiny goodness of the silk - mmmmm silk. I still have half a bobbin of the silk singles, and am trying to think what I can ply with it.

I finally cast on for my Second Sock of Shame - I can't even find many pics of the first one - just a bog standard 2x2 ribbed Sockotta sock in the Jeans colorway... Nothing fancy or exciting - nice socks, but I started them 2 years ago now. Damn, I don't understand what has taken me so long to finish the darn things!

I also finished block #12 of my Off-Centre Log Cabin that I started last year. I should be able to get some nice pics to show if I remember to bring them to work with me so I can take pictures during daylight hours - outside of my office... I've done it before - just lined them up on one of the many lawns in this industrial/office park type area where I work - not the ideal setting for taking pictures of knitting, but what else can I do?

It's been so freaking cold here! This morning there was once again ice everywhere on the way to work. Now I fully understand that it's January, and it's a lot colder in a lot of other places - but we just don't get freezing temperatures here very often. Add to that there's no moisture in the air, and I go around wearing my coat and a scarf and three sweaters all day every day - and get zapped every three minutes - static electricity is annoying!

Anyway, hope everyone is staying warm out there!


Anonymous said...

OMG, Abi that's gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!

Sner said...

The shine of the silk is making me drool. It is so pretty. My roving is comming along - slowly but surely. It is very pretty and pastel with very deep areas. Pictures to come soon!

DeltaDawn said...

Mmm PRETTY - and I love that you name and what you name your handspun. Love that shiny silk - it's got such lustre it hooks me right away.

margene said...

It's just way too cold everywhere! The yarn is so beautiful. The sheen comes through in the photo, too.

enallagma9 said...

Gorgeous stuff!

Kris said...

I love seeing your yarn. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. The weather's not that bad here yet :). Stay warm.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous. I love it.

And, I can only imagine the silk with the CVM how amazingly soft it must be.

Hey, I lived in England too! Where did you live and when?

Sarah said...

Gorgeous. I love it.

And, I can only imagine the silk with the CVM how amazingly soft it must be.

Hey, I lived in England too! Where did you live and when?

mel said...

Really beautiful stuff Abi - I'm a new spinner and have been watching your site for inspiration :) though I don't know that I will ever be able to spin so well!

Keep Warm!!

Windyridge said...

Glad to see I am not the only one who waits a very long time sometimes to start the 2nd of a pair of socks!!