Sunday, January 28

Finally Switched!! Whoo Hoo

They've finally switched everyone over from the Old Blogger...So, as you can probably see, figuring out how to get everything switched over - lots of tweaking, and I even managed to get a picture up into my header - only problem? I'd really like to have it stretched all the way across the top - anyone have any ideas on that? I think I'd need to upload it at a certain pixel size, or something and then not check the "shrink to fit" box... But I'm not too sure how to go about doing that - or what size would be optimal - sure would be nice if there was a "stretch to fit" box. Any hints or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Another idea I'm kicking around is to maybe have a montage type pic in the header... I can put something together and save it as a jpeg - still not so sure about what size it wants to be though.

Also if anything looks really funky, could someone let me know? I look at my Blog in Firefox most of the time, though I did notice that the border on the right of the main posts is not showing up in IE... No idea how to fix that - and to be honest, I don't think that's a big problem, just looks a bit wonky, oh well! But it's coming along nicely - just have to update my links and my web rings, and hopefully figure out if it's possible to have a better header picture - any know-how and I will be eternally grateful!

In other news - well, it's been a nice quiet weekend - the BBE took me out for sushi last night - I got to get all gussied for him, which is always fun. I just spent the day yesterday basically tidying up my house. Having Gwen move in, well - things get cluttered up awfully fast. Plus I've just been feeling kind of tired and overwhelmed just lately - work hasn't been easy, looks like going on-line might just be a big fat hairy deal for a while, so going through some major withdrawals with that.

My Socks of Shame are almost done - just finishing up the toe on the Second Sock. I still just can't believe that I started these almost two years ago.

Bad news on blocking the Pi shawl - I noticed something has been munching on it - and there are some holes that are definitely going to need to be repaired. Should be an adventure anyway - I guess that's what I get for letting it sit in the pile next to my dresser for so long. It won't be easy to match the yarns in the spaces where the holes are either - but luckily there are so many different fibers and textures going on throughout the whole piece that I think I can manage to spin up some little bits of something to make it match. I hope.

And here's just a little pretty that I shot on my walk the other day. Between the walking and the Pilates - I'm definitely feeling a lot thinner and more fit - I like it (so does the BBE)



Monika said...

You are way clever than I am. I've tried putting up a picture, but failed misserable. Did you change to a new template as well? Could you give me a hint on how you got that far, please?

Wendy Dorrel said...

The blog looks great! I use a similar layout. :)

Ali said...

That's a real shame about your Pi—it's beautiful. I hope you manage to fix up the holes successfully.

And your blog looks great from where I'm sitting. :)

Windyridge said...

How did you switch over? I have blogger too but no notification about switching. Your main photo header takes a little longer than most to load. I have a very fast connection so it may be alot slower for the dsl and dial up folks. Blog looks great!

SpindleKnits said...

New blog looks great! I have been a little scared to switch over myself as I am not near as computer savvy as you. I cdan barely get a few meager links in my sidebar. ;)
Sorry to hear about the Pi shawl, I hope you can fix it!

Helena said...
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Kris said...

Your blog looks good. Good luck on the repairs.

I had to switch also, today. I guess this means I have to use my e-mail address now to leave comments. Hmm, we'll see. I hope you don't get duplicates

Windyridge said...

Me too, how do you get a photo on top and how did you get the tag labels on the side. I have a neat pic of my lamb perched atop her mother that I'd like to put as the header photo. And how do you guys get pics in your comments?

dee near Berkeley said...

re: your comment in the Yarn Harlot's blog

Steph isn't in northern CA, I am and she was quoting my comment from 2-5-07 post. Sorry she isn't here; it would be so cool!