Monday, January 22

You know it's going to be one of those days...

When you walk into your office and one co-worker is sitting and reading the newspaper, and the boss is just sitting there with his head in his hands. It's just going to be bad. Really bad.

We were dead in the water for most of the day. Computers were down - totally down. Some sort of virus or worm or something. The problems started last week, and they've been working on it... My whole department kept coming up totally clean on any scans, whoohoo!! I've been well trained because they did not have any virus software on our computers! None - nothing - nada - zip. But we can't do anything without the network, and they couldn't reboot the network or the server until every.single.machine had been rescanned, and rebooted.

Anyway I did as much as I could do without a computer, and then I got to sit and knit... At work! That never happens, I mean I knit or I spin on my lunch break, but that's it.

So the Socks of Shame have been worked on a bit. I had the Second Sock'o 1/2 through the heel flap - and was able to finish that off, turn the heel pick up my gusset stitches and voila - almost a half a sock - and I could knit at work! Whoo hoo.

Of course we paid for it later - couldn't even start to bill out todays orders until after three. The UPS system was down too, so in order to make sure that our orders got out - we handwrote the tags. Everyone else left (I'm the last one in at my job - so the last one out, and get to make sure everything is done and taken care of before I leave). Of course the system came back on-line right before our sexy UPS driver got there, and I was able to scramble and get everything done. And then of course - I had two last minute orders - which meant driving to UPS to drop those off after work. Whew! I'm still feeling a bit frazzled!

Oh - I hadn't mentioned. I finished off the Pi Shawl over the weekend. (And a very nice weekend it was indeed.) I just finished ripping out the vestiges of the sleeves, and kitchenered them up. Still needs blocking... I think I'm going to do that at the BF's house - he has one of those Papasan chairs that I think would make a terrific frame for a circular shawl, not quite sure if it will be big enough, (the chair - not the shawl) but I'll give it a go.

We went out and played pool last night for the first time in ages. Really shouldn't wait that long between sessions. Boy am I rusty! But I did win one game, (and didn't lose the others by too much either) and that made me happy.

The weather today was beautiful - I went for my walk, knit on my socks. It was around 70 degrees, and the bay just looked like glass, it was so calm and still.

Oh - and one last thing regarding my laundry situation. I really don't mind doing laundry when I have a washer and dryer in the house... (which I just don't at the moment - haven't done for almost 5 years now)

But honestly I don't mind doing it - I don't mind folding it... Putting it away, well, I'm better about that than I used to be.

But when doing laundry means sorting it all - gathering it all - loading it all into the car - taking it to the laundrymat - trying to find quarters because the change machines there are invariably broken. Basically spending hours of my day off being tied to taking stuff out of the washer and putting it in the dryer, so you can make sure to be there, so your clothes don't get nicked... And it's very close to freezing outside? New clothes were definitely the way to go that time. Wish I could afford to do more of that :-)

Oh, and let's not forget that the last time I actually went to the laundrymat - (on my extra day off no less), they decided to do work on the water mains outside the place I went. Before one of my washers had finished it's cycle - one of the big ones that you can't open until it's finished. 7 hours later my laundry was done. So I guess I've been avoiding it a bit, and had a lot built up.

I really need to get pics of the Off Center Log Cabin (in it's 1/3 done state) and the Pi shawl, hopefully done and blocked before too long. Stay tuned!


Kris said...

You can't beat having a day at work where you get to knit :).

I just recently became a washer and dryer owner. We decided to rebuild our house, that was over two years ago, actually 2 1/2 but who is counting. During the rebuilding stage I had no washer and dryer and had to go to the laundy mat to get clean clothes. Our local laundry mat is right beside a bar. It was interesting to say the least. I did get a lot of knitting done while waiting for my clothes to wash. This past summer the house was far enough done to put a washer and dryer in it. My Dad bought us a washer as a gift. It's one of those front loading washing machines, sweet. He laughed at me because I put a chair in front of it and just watched it wash. I love that machine.

DeltaDawn said...

I wish I'd been a knitter when I had to sit at the laundromat - hated that big waste of time. But I did like that it all got done in one three-hour shot...

I hate to put it away too - I have a week's worth folded neatly on TOP of my dresser!