Sunday, May 20

Two posts in two days?

So I've started the knitting portion of Rosebud's Request... Am reserving judgment so far. But definitely have to say that I am so happy that I'm not doing the pattern as written! I swear every other single friggin row, it's "cut yarn".... I do not want to have to deal with all those ends. Oh my goodness me, no! But the yarn gradations are a bit more subtle than even I had imagined. I've finished the first back half. Not entirely sure if it's going to be big enough or if I need to print out the directions for two sizes bigger than I would need if I was knitting to gauge before I leave.

And of course I'm nowhere near done with the spinning part of this particular piece - this is just the first skein, which I've knit up into the first rings of blueness - so the top starts of with lots of chestnut, then blue. Not nearly as many stripes as I'd envisioned, and the yarn is not a DK weight. But it is soft and pretty! I do like the drape, just might have to rip out the first bit and do it again bigger, which isn't so bad really!

So did I get a picture of what I have accomplished so far? No - my daughter called and needed a ride home from a town about 50 miles north of here, so I hopped in the car, and went and got her. But before I left I was able to get lots of cute kitty pics! I think this one is my favorite!

Of course, I do like this one of all three of the kittens

And then there's this one
I was also able to go running around outside for a bit after taking yarny pictures, and was actually able to get some really amazing shots of bees gathering pollen from the local California Poppy's, our State Flower.... I have a hard time with insect shots with my camera, they usually come out blurry, but for some reason today they came out great.


Monika said...

The yarn looks great. I'd love to see it knitted up. But today, the kitty pictures are the best! I love all three pics, especially the one, where they look at you taking a picture, the others are just too cute. Wonderful poppy pic. I have some orange poppies planted, because I like them so much. I pity, they don't bloom very long, but I enjoy them as long as I have them. Nice work all around! ;o)

Reggie said...
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Batty said...

The yarn looks great, and the kitties are just so adorable! I love kitties.

Peggy said...

Such beautiful yarn and such a lovely pattern. Can't wait to see the project in process or finished. The poppys are gorgeous.

April said...

OOOOH That almost makes me want a new kitten. Almost. But not really. lol I've got my hands full as it is. Abi, stop by my blog and check it out for a sec. I've tagged you there and the rules/meme are posted.