Thursday, June 7

Forrester Linum spindle

Forrester Linum spindle, originally uploaded by abiknits.

Isn't it pretty? It was a gift from my friend Monika over at Smoking Hot Needles, thanks Monika! I love it. She also sent the blue roving, a gorgeous wool/silk blend that I'm loving. Wonder how she knew I'd like that color? ;-)

Anyway - it's my birthday on Friday, June 8th - I'll be hitting another decade mark... Wow - how did that happen? I couldn't possibly be old enough to be 40 - could I? Mind boggling really.

Work has been kicking my a$$ just recently - way too much to do, and too little time to do it in. Scary really - but it's going well.

Other than that - I'm tired - I'm exhausted, and I'm going to get to bed - just wanted to be sure to post a picture of my most recent spindle. All the more special because it was sent from a friend, and really unexpected.


Carol said...

great birthday present! I too will be joining the ranks of the 40 years old this year and also find it strange. Hope I get cool presents like you!

Peggy said...

The spindle and fiber are gorgeous!!!! Do you split it before spinning? Happy B-day. This past April I hit the big 50. Like you, I cannot believe it. Surely that much time has not passed.

Batty said...

It's beautiful! And what's that fluffy dream of gorgeousness attached to it?

Happy Birthday!

ARJ said...

A very nice looking spindle!

morgsarah said...

Happy Birthday Abi! I think you should treat yourself to a nice night out with the BBE!

And lovely spindle. What a great gift for you!


Happy Birthday!!! Your fiber is just gorgeous! Sue

Tracy said...

Happy B-day Girl! Monika is such a sweetie huh. :-)

The 40's aren't so bad, they have been pretty good to me....I'll let you know about the 50's, they are quickly approaching.

Dina said...

How lovely is that? What a beautiful present! Happy Belated Birthday :)

I'll be joining that club this year, too and for some reason, I feel really nervous about it.

Beth said...

Happy Belated Birthday! What a lovely spindle and that roving looks yummy.