Thursday, September 6

I woke up this morning...

When I walked out of the house, there was a really weird light, and as I walked out from under the trees, There was more and more of a red glow. Just strange as all get out. I was thinking to myself, "what in the world??!??". Finally when I caught sight of the rising sun I was totally blown away! There have been some fires in the area recently. Just kind of happens around here, this time of year. No rain all summer long, and everything is ready to go up like tinder.

Anyway - the sun didn't look like the sun.... It looked like the moon! But a bright RED moon. Like it was on fire itself or something. Very strange. Of course I took a picture. And of course, you really can't see the effect on my little camera (great for closeups - not so great for landscape photos, and it doesn't do well with weird light).

I was thinking that you know, if we were all back in the dark ages or something - we'd be up in arms and thinking that world was going to end, or our sun god was sick, and be doing funny dances, and rituals and ceremonies. Seemed like a bad omen kind of a day.

Anyway, work wasn't so bad. I got there without too much hassle (even though the world had this strange red thing going on this morning).

I found out tonight that I don't actually have jury duty tomorrow. Yay, for a day off! I know I could still go in - but I've gotten myself all psyched up for not going to work, and having two three day weekends in a row. So, I'm just not going in tomorrow. I have a big project due on Monday, so I got the bulk of that out of the way today, no worries for getting it out on time, and I'm caught up on all the other things that tend to creep up on me, and pile up. So yeah, I'm good to stay home!

Last night I plied up the Abby Batt. I got about 834 yards and just a smidge shy of 6 ozs. That's about 2200 yards per pound - a light fingering weight, or a heavy lace weight. Nice! Now I just have to find a pattern for it. I've really been enjoying the batts that I've been spinning up lately. I'm mostly a worsted type spinner (pulling bits of fiber out with my forward hand) as opposed to a woolen type spinner (pulling the fiber source back and letting the twist hold it all together). There are definitely a lot of things to be said for woolen style spinning! I notice that my wrist hurts a lot less on my pulling, or forward hand, that's for sure!

And here's a close up, just cuz I can :-)

So yeah, I'm really looking forward to my long weekend. I'm really happy that I'm sitting on my couch writing this. I'm almost on top of my bills, I have projects are going fairly well at the moment, and I have time to do what I want for a couple of days. Yay! Have a great weekend everyone!


Dame Wendy said...

Lovely pictures! I bet the sun was amazing in person. :)

Batty said...

Wow, amazing! It's one of those 'do I live on an alien planet' moments.

Jennifer said...

Those batts almost spin themselves. You get much thinner than I can. We have that baleful eye sun many days in the summer. Here it seems to be due to the high humidity, pollution and hazy cloud layer on the horizon. Long, hot, sticky day to come.