Sunday, February 24

Luna Moth, Plummy Plum

I've finished the knitting partr of the Luna Moth shawl... here it is in all its unblocked glory... I think it's going to be really pretty once I've had a chance to pin it out and block it.

It was a fun knit - took me forever to get the lace pattern down properly in my brain. No way I could work on it without the pattern with me.

I'm sure there are plenty of mistakes in there - but I we'll see how noticable they are once it's been blocked.

The other knitting that has taken up my time lately is the second version of my Plummy sweater. I'm still bummed about the washing accident that it went through. Got a huge whack o' knitting done on it to start with, but then was just so weirded out by knitting the same thing twice (not something I'm used to) the perpetual deja vu' was totally wigging out my little brain, so took a quick break by knitting the shawl.

As I was knitting it became obvious that there wouldn't be enough yarn to finish, and the fact that the sleeves didn't quite match (colourwise) on the first one really bothered me - it shouldn't so much - but it's just a "thing" you know - symmetry and all... Unmatching sleeves really bugged me. So this time it got to the knitting point, where I knew that the sleeves would have to be added soon, so I went ahead and spun up more of the yarn for the sleeves. This is a 260 yard skein that is totally reserved for the sleeves.
The weather has been storming all weekend.
I missed getting outside and going for a walk or anything. But it was a good weekend. Just cleaned up the house, finished the first sleeve of Plummy, and am almost finished spinning the Drake Mallard on my spindle...


April said...

Absolutely beautiful. You are always such an inspiration to me. Thanks for making my day!

Batty said...

Luna Moth is stunning. I like it in the variegate, very interesting and colorful.

String Bean said...

I saw your Azalea Shawl knit with Rainbow Silk in the new Spin-Off. It looks gorgeous! Congrats on getting it in there. Your shawls are always spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog, like... dead?