Thursday, July 7

100 Things About Me

  1. I was born in the Summer of Love
  2. In Northern California
  3. I keep moving away, and then coming back home
  4. My first memories are living in Santa Barbara
  5. Then we moved to Austin Texas when I was 5
  6. I remember thinking that there would be cowboys and indians and tumbleweed when we moved to Texas.
  7. I was wrong!
  8. We moved back to Northern California when I was 7
  9. Then we moved to Michigan when I was 12
  10. Then I went back and forth between Michigan and Northern CA
  11. I got tired of moving
  12. I ended up getting married very young.
  13. I had 3 kids by the time I was 23
  14. And the kids are all at least 3 years apart.
  15. That was a long time ago.
  16. I've moved around more since I've become an adult
  17. I've lived in Northern California.
  18. Southern California (but in the mountains!)
  19. Oregon
  20. And Oxford England
  21. I hated living in England
  22. I knit a LOT
  23. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 7
  24. I taught myself how to crochet when I was 16
  25. I taught myself how to spin when I was 34
  26. I used to do a lot of beading
  27. And quilting
  28. Now I knit and I spin
  29. I love dyeing, it's like playtime at kindergarten
  30. I think I'm going to teach myself how to do some tapestry weaving soon
  31. I love to read
  32. I was reading before I started school
  33. If I'm interested in something I can get a bit obsessive about it
  34. I work at a full time job.
  35. I'm very happy to be home again
  36. It's very difficult to move country - twice
  37. My kids are great!
  38. I have 2 sons and a daughter
  39. My daughter is the middle child
  40. My oldest son still lives in England
  41. That's tremendously difficult!
  42. My daughter lives with her boyfriend about an hour from me.
  43. My youngest son lives with me
  44. I am the sole provider for the two of us
  45. That gets very difficult sometimes
  46. But somehow I manage to keep things together
  47. I don't make a lot of money
  48. I don't have a formal education
  49. I'm intelligent, well read and fairly well travelled
  50. I have a good sense of humour
  51. I can see the ironies and absurdities in life
  52. I believe that everything happens for a reason
  53. My daddy always says that the key to happiness is broad tolerances
  54. I love my daddy
  55. My grandmother started taking me to Buddhist Meditation meetings when I was about 7
  56. I still use a lot of the things that I learned from that
  57. Especially my mantra
  58. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up
  59. They were a huge positive impact on who I am today
  60. I believe that the Universe works in mysterious ways
  61. And if you work with the Universe - it will work with you
  62. I like who I am
  63. Though I wish I wasn't such a dork sometimes
  64. I am a clutz
  65. I have a fear of heights
  66. But that's about it.
  67. Though some really creepy bugs can freak me out too
  68. I like my cat
  69. I'm not really a dog person
  70. Though I've met some nice dogs
  71. I like to dance
  72. I like to be goofy, and silly
  73. I think that silliness is necessary
  74. Beauty makes me happy
  75. I don't understand how other people can feel sooooft fibers and not just melt.
  76. I guess I'm just a very tactile person
  77. I'm a yarn snob
  78. I think that if you're going to spend such a chunk of time on making something, you should use the best quality you can.
  79. That does not mean buying the most expensive fibers out there.
  80. It means making sure that it's good quality, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to break the bank either.
  81. Though I wish I could afford more.
  82. I am the oldest of essentially 5 siblings
  83. I have 1 full brother who is about my age
  84. I have a half sister who is younger than my oldest son
  85. I have a 2 half brothers.
  86. My youngest brother is younger than my youngest son
  87. I've never had an argument with my sister
  88. I live in what used to be part of WW1 Army Barracks brought over from Alameda
  89. My place used to be 2 studio apartments
  90. I moved into it sight unseen after a 23 hour journey (door to door) from England
  91. It's too small, and a bit rundown
  92. But I like it!
  93. I moved in with my son and 2 suitcases - one of them had my Joy in it.
  94. When I moved back to CA from UK the bulk of what I had shipped back was yarn
  95. I walk and spin or knit - it makes me happy
  96. I have green eyes
  97. I don't dye my hair, paint my nails (well hardly ever), or have any other "enhancements".
  98. I like my hair color, especially the grey streaks - it looks like highlights.
  99. I don't feel or look as old as I really am.
  100. I believe that everyone deserves happiness in their lives.

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KnittinNurse said...

LOL Abby- you are such a HOOT!

If you make to the next Spindles and Flyers Meeting, (and-yes i will try to remind you!) I have some pure as snow wool I need help in “ identifying”. Mary is a mutt of a sheep (LOL) but her fleece has washed up to be SOOOOO soft and nice, that I would really like to know the “kind” of wool it might be. I’ll bring some raw and washed- it has minimal grease. I bought the whole perfectly sheared fleece, all in one piece hardly any second cuts either! Mary is part of a flock I have access to-so, let me know if you want some raw wool! Grey, white or chocolate- some black in there too.

See ya in September-

Your Goofy spinning sista