Saturday, July 9

My first entry

OK - I went ahead and set up an account... now what do I do?

Testing testing, 123

Play with fonts

Set up my template in a minute

Get some piccy's uploaded - let's test that now....

This is some merino, corriedale cross, soy silk, and bombyx silk that my sister and I dyed using Easter Egg dye that I picked up after Easter for a quarter a box, (score!!) We had great fun with it. So far I've spun up some of the Soy Silk that we did in a loooong repeat: greens to blues, to purples to pinks and then back again. The singles are sitting on a bobbin waiting for me to decide what I want to ply them with. A quick tip for any spinners out there that are interested in dyeing soy silk - don't let it dry on a line like I did, it all started to come apart and look like a goats beard or something - not good!

OK, let's see how this is all working - I'll be back soon.

Have fun out there!


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