Wednesday, July 20

Some actual knitting content!! Whoot

I've just finished the new Harry Potter. I borrowed it from my boss at work, so I wanted to get through it, but I'm bad that way about books anyway. They're serious crack for me. I dive into a book and don't resurface till I've finished reading or passed out. I passed out last night after about 450 pages or so of straight reading. I meant to blog, but the crack got me.

Well, since this is a blog called abiknits I thought maybe I ought to show some pictures of finished things that I've actually knit. Here's "W"
It was an easy and fairly quick knit. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Though I wish that I had wrapped my short rows on the garter sections. The directions say you don't have to, but there are little gappy bits right in my ahem - shall we say cleavage area? Not too bad, but the bug me a bit. Not enough to rip it out and start over again or anything like that though. I'm a galloping horse kinda knitter. I made this out of some rayon ribbon that I picked up cheap at Stitches West back in '02. So a good stash project. I love the way the colors came out. But the rayon does insist on growing a bit. I've crocheted around the arms and neckbands once since this pic was taken, and I think I might have to do it again. It's just not a good thing when your bra strap peeks (I'm talking about the part that is going across my back here people!).

Here's another very recent FO. I used the Azalea pattern from Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting. But I only knit half of it (three repeats instead of 6). I was kind of curious as to why we don't see more semi-circle shawls. Now I think I know. I'm also really not fond of starting off knitting projects with just a few measly stitches in the first round. Just the opposite for crochet. I'm planning on doing another one of these with 4 sections instead of 3 so I end up with the point down the back. But first I want to finish my mom's Pi R Squared. I'm getting very close to starting the lace edging on it. I'm probably going to use this one. Isn't it pretty? The rest of the shawl is just done in garter stitch, so I want something to really rock the edges, and look a bit impressive.

And I will leave you with some prettiness. This is my cymbidium (not sure if I spelled that right, and not going to spell check it either). My son bought it for me for mothers day a couple of years ago. This is the first time since that it has deigned to show it's loveliness since.

Anyway - there's still so much more that I want to put up here. I'll be back soon!

Have fun!


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