Sunday, July 31

Things are looking up

As y'all can probably guess I've been a bit busy making sure that the boy is OK. And he is! Yay! I just still can't believe how lucky we've been.

In the midst of all of this I broke up with my boyfriend. We've been together for 3 years. He hasn't had a real job in the whole time that I've known him. Over the last year and a half he's been trying to get his own business started, but it hasn't been panning out - and he hasn't been doing a whole lot to really get out there and make sure that he's self-sufficient. I've been tired of coming home with him telling me what a horrible day he's had every day - him fiddling and piddling around on some fourm that he moderates. Him sitting in front of his computer all the time, but not getting anywhere. Basically told him that I just couldn't take it anymore. That happened on the Thursday before Steve's accident. I had to tell him that he had to be out of here before Steve came home from my mom's house - so I haven't heard from him since Friday. His car is here, I guess he must be at one of the neighbors houses. I mean we're really trying hard to keep this as amicable as possible. There was maybe 5 minutes of yelling, and since then it's just been I'm sorry - I can't do this anymore. He has been so negative towards my son lately that I just don't want him around while he's recuperating. It's actually really nice to have the black cloud of negativity out of the house. It's been so hard - but at the end of the day I finally came to the realisation that it's not my responsibility to make sure that he's OK too - I mean he's a grown man, and should be able to take care of himself.

Other good news that's happening right now is that I got a call from the VP of my department on Friday. He and a bunch of other big wigs will be in our location next week, and he said that he was going to hire me!! Finally! I was told when I first started there (October 8 of last year) that I'd be hired in 6 weeks. Well, almost 10 months later, it looks like it's finally going to happen. So, I'll have benefits. And the best part of this job is that they give an amazing amount of PTO (personal time off) - something like 24 days off the first year. Which is really really nice!!

Fiber related goodness.....

I do most of my spindle spinning on my lunch breaks. I work about a block from a nice path along the SF Bay, and get a half hour lunch. It works out very nicely. I think this is the first job that I've had in years where I actually take that 1/2 hour for lunch - for myself. I don't think I'll ever want to go back to grazing at my desk. So I walk along the bay, with my spindle and get quite a lot done. This is more of the BFL on my lovely Kundert from a couple of posts ago. You can see Mt Tamalpais in the background there.

This picture was taken a coupld of days later. You can see how much I actually do get done. And you can see the path stretching out along the bay in this picture. I wound the singles off and spun up another bobbin of the NZ singles and plyed them yesterday.

I didn't take any pics of that. Just washed and set the twist , dryed, and wound up on my ball winder. I bought myself the ball winder and swift as a birthday present to myself last month. Haven't regretted the expense once.

My plan for today is to clean the house a bit more. Fill out my Medical paperwork, and take some pictures of the next wheel project that I want to start, maybe even do some work on it. My dad is coming by for a visit at some point today. I'd like to start either a Flower Basket Shawl or the 4 repeat Azalea with the spindle spun stuff that I've finished now.

I've made some good progress on my mom's Pi Shawl - the border has about a foot and a half knit. Just another gazillion feet to go. The bad news is that I think I've decided that I hate the project - the Wensleydale I'm not too sure about. And my mom is asking none too subtly for a scarf of all things. Sheesh.

I need to jump in the shower, and get a start on tidying up before my dad gets here.

Have fun!!


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Robin said...

Your photography is just amazing! What a gorgeous view!