Tuesday, August 9

Fly by posting...

So I have a couple of minutes to kill before I get off work, so I thought I'd give a real quick check in.

So yeah, I'm tired, I stayed up late last night just watching crap telly. I really wanted to be knitting or spinning, but my house is a mess and I thought I'd better not sit myself down and do anything nice for myself, because I have to clean! Did I clean? Well, I did get 4 loads of laundry done, folded and put away. But that's about it. Oh, and I put clean sheets on my bed. The kind I like! Mmmmm clean sheets. But I spent a lot of time sitting like a lump in front of the telly twiddling my hair. I'm curious as to how many other fiber divas out there are hair twiddlers? I've done it since I was a baby. I do it so much that the hair I twirl gets shorter than the other side. So one side of my hair needs to be cut more often than the other.

So this morning: I woke up late. Didn't have time to take a shower. Did make the bed real quick, nuked me a cuppa coffee from the leftover day before coffee. Not the best stuff really now. Got to work late, even without taking a shower. Feel grubby! Grubby! Really. I do shower everyday and will take one when I get home.

So my daughter needs me to go and help her rent a car after work, and I haven't heard yet when that's going to happen. My house is still a mess. I feel grubby and tired. And I have a Date tonight!!!! Yoiks! I haven't had a date in so long. I haven't been taken out any place nice in so long...

I did e-mail said gentleman and ask if we could push it back just a bit because of the whole helping my daughter out after work thing. Haven't heard back yet. With my luck I'll be getting out of the shower, the house will still be a mess and he'll be pulling up.

Oh well, I keep telling myself that I'm not heading into anything with any big huge expectations or anything - but I'm worried. This is a first date. My place is tiny and pretty, well, ramshackle would be a good word to describe it. I'm worried that he's going to feel sorry for me. I don't need any one feeling sorry for me! I'm actually really happy where I'm at. I like where I live even if it's tiny, rundown and ramshackly. I mean really, how many people do you know who can say that they live in Skid Row at the Country Club? I'm so much happier there than in some big apartment complex, or in a cookie cutter type of house. I love the vibe. Last night when I was taking the laundry to the washing machines a couple of little baby deer, one still with spots just watched me walking right past them. I knew that my place was going to be OK when I woke up the first day and saw a mamma deer nursing her baby right outside my kitchen window. Oh - and the view that I have! I've got a picture of the view that I snapped from my back window. It's lovely - acres and acres of land behind my place. It's not a horrid chore to do dishes at my place.

I had a good walk at lunch time. My Kundert is filled up, so I wound it off onto a bobbin/empty label roll, trying to decide what to ply it with - I think it would look fantastic done with some silk that I dyed, but maybe just with another strand of the same would look nice too.

I'm outta here - Have fun y'all!!



Rissa said...

So how was the date? Gawd I remember those days...first dates are scary. :-)

mattmartinez6667 said...
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Anonymous said...

Your place sounds delightful! A place isn't just what it appears, I think, it's what we make of it in large part. Just imho. -meg (of inchbyinch)