Sunday, April 2

Flashing stash (well, just a part of it).

So yesterday was flash your stash day, but I was too busy tweaking my blog (what do you think of it by the way? Constructive Criticism would be a good thing - everyone I've showed it to, just says - wow, that's nice... but I think they're just being nice because I do most of the cooking).

I thought I'd post an old pic of what I call stash corner. This isn't everything by any stretch of the imagination, but it is the bulk of it. The green tubey things hanging there are 4 "Fangst's" from Ikea. I think I picked them up for $5 each. They hold a lot of yarn and fiber! I keep them organised pretty much by fiber content/weight. For example, I have all my Rowan Cotton Glace in one compartment. All my DK weight wool lives in another compartment. This set up replaced my previous storage system of legal sized milk crates all stacked on their sides to form cubby holes. That system was not sturdy enough, and there were several instances of tribbles attacking. At one point I had some of the stacks in my bedroom, and woke to find a whole stack had come crashing down onto my bed. I'd like to get more little bookcases like the one on the right. (again from Ikea). But for now this manages to keep things somewhat organised, and most importantly fairly easy to access.

Obviously this is not everything (but wait there's more!) this does not include my ufo basket, which is a huge shallow round basket that I think I found out by the dumpster. That lives under my coffee table. Nor does it show the fiber that I have stored in drawers in my antique writing desks, or the fiber that I have stored in the attic.

Boy am I glad it's the weekend!! But man, everyone is sooo tired of all the rain we've been getting. It's been a record year for it here, we had rain something like 26 or 27 days last month . I am so ready for spring to start. People are grumpy, and out of sorts, it's cold, and I'm tired of it!! Those of us that are lucky enough to live in this part of the world are total whimps about all of this as well. I remember one year it rained every single day in June when I lived in the UK - now that was really something to get grumpy about! Plus I tweaked my back somehow last week, and though it hasn't been debilitating, it still hasn't been much fun.

I haven't gotten much knitting done this week, just a bit of work on my Jaywalkers. I've finished the ribbing on my second Jaywalker, and am just starting the chevron stitch (not worth a pic). But spinning there has been plenty of. I plyed the red ingeo with some handdyed spindle spun superfine merino that I wasn't sure what I was going do do with either. After plying I ended up with this beautiful little skein. It's quite fine, this is about 310 yards. Not sure of the weight. I really need to get a decent scale! The good news is that I still have more of the ingeo singles on the bobbin at home + more to spin, and loads more of the merino to spin up. I know I bought 8 ozs of the ingeo, not sure of the weight on the merino - but at this fine guage I'm reckoning that I can probably get enough for a cute little top, or a nice shawl.

My current wheel project is some tussah silk that I'm going to ply with the camel down that I finally finished spinning. I have 100 grams of each - the silk and the camel down. But I also have some pretty fawn colored alpaca singles that I spun last summer, and some of this blended angora/wool/mohair/silk batts that I've been spindle spinning on my all too infrequent walks just lately. I'm not sure if I'll use all 4 singles in this new yarn. The alpaca is spun a bit heavier than the other singles, and might overwhelm the mix. I'll sample (and hopefully take some pictures.)

I downloaded the pics on my camera and found this mystery shot. I'm sure it's a weird view of my gansey - and I'm sure that I must have pushed the button at some point. I was taking pictures of the sky outside the grocery store the other night. I think it looks pretty damn cool, though I'm not sure exactly why LOL. Funny how the yarn comes out looking like it's almost the exact same color of the sky.

I'm thinking about Doing Something with the sweater shot. The sky shots came out pretty cool too.


Meg said...

That's some stash! Good not to have it raining down on you as you sleep. Hooray for efficient storage!
I really do like your new template, it's easy on the eyes and the pictures show up nicely. I have a hard time reading blogs that are white on black - there's so much flash with the eye movements, it makes me positively seasick. Love the peaceful blue of the sky.

shizzknits said...

Nice stash storage idea. I really like that merino BTW. Did you dye that? It's lovely!

Abigale said...

Thanks Meg - glad someone said something about the new look, I'm still not *done* by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm happier.

Hey Shiz - I did dye that merino, thank you very much. Another one of those, oh - lord I screwed this up royally moments for me. But I actually really like how it's worked with the ingeo. Just spinning more of the merino on a spindle now.

Silver said...

OMG! *wipes tears* Sorry, I loved the part about tribbles attacking. That's like my favorite episode just for the look on Shatner's face when one last tribble drips down and bonks him on the head in that one scene...

Anyway, just dropping by from a post I think you made on Spindlers about a blog ring, or summat.

I can totally see my stash and my habits ending up like yours. ;) I just started spinning in Novemberish and so I haven't had time to build up the stash and the UFOs to their ultimate insanity, but just last night I was going through my yarn looking for something to use on a cardboard loom and DANG, the stacked boxes (mm-hmm, I'm at that stage!) look so *small* from over here, but digging through them there's yarn I didn't even remember existed till I saw it...

I even have one of those hangy mesh tubular things that I think I bought with yarn in mind but haven't brought myself to put up yet. Wow. I see my fate in your present. ;)