Sunday, April 2


Meg from Inch by Inch (link over in sidebar) has probably the best brother in the world. He makes spindles for her. My brothers are kinda handy, and build things. But no one has ever offered to make spindles for me. Anyway - I've been meaning to post about the spindle that I won off e-bay. I posted on the Spindlers list about it - so I guess I'd better get around to it. I took these pics next to a basic little toy wheel spindle that I'm making (needs a hook) just so you can get some idea of scale. I started spinning up some of the green/white bell that I posted about from Sheep Shed Studio. The Water spindle spins for a very long time. It's quite a lot bigger than I had expected. But very very light, well balanced and beautiful. What more does a girl want?

I took a pic of my spindle storage solution as well. It's a vase that my youngest son bought me for mother's day a couple of years back. I really like that the vase has a narrow neck, but a wide body - so the spindles are pretty much suspended without any weight on the shafts. You can see my Mongold in the back, on the right there, my blue and purple Copper Moose American Beauty (probalby my very favorite spindle!) My Butterfly Bubinga which unfortunately had it's hook snap off. A cut out spindle that's lovely - very very light, a little spindle that I made out of a drawer pull knob and all the way to the left is the Water spindle. My Kundert is in the car. My Spinners' Choice Purpleheart spindle is in my purse, I have an Emily Lacewood spindle somewhere - It's driving me nuts that I haven't seen it in ages... I'm getting worried! I also have a few toy wheel spindles that I made. Enough to keep me busy that's for sure!

Oh, and my boyfriend (who is the best boyfriend ever by the way!) is a bit miffed that there isn't anything about him on this blog. I know he looks at this, so I don't write too much about what's going on with our relationship here. If there's something that I need him to know about I talk to him about it.

I really like this picture of him. He's looking at me like "you're not taking a picture are you?" Well, yeah I was! I actually met him through Craigslist. LOL - He posted an ad with his stats saying that he didn't drink or do drugs, and that he was looking for someone that he could go out to coffee with and talk. Well, we met for coffee... decided to go shoot some pool... went back to my place where we talked for another couple of hours, and we've been together ever since! (he didn't even try to kiss me that night - but our first official "date" lasted for 4 days). He really hooked me when he came over after I'd fallen and hurt my knee a couple of days after we met. I still don't know why I called him - but I did. He brought peroxide and kissed my owie. Told me that I deserved to be happy. And you know what? He's so right. We all deserve happiness. I'm just so glad that I met him. That was last August, which pretty much explains my extended absence from this blog.

One thing that I really like about him is that he's very supportive of my addiction, obsession, hobbies. He sees it as taking a lot of pressure off of him. I mean if I've got some knitting or spinning I am happy just about anywhere. I remember one day when we first started going out, he took me to work with him one Saturday. He was just doing a bunch of dump runs and picking up dirt. He told the woman at the entrance to the dumps that it was our first date. The look on her face was priceless. Anyway - I had my Flair (yet another project that is done and not blogged about - damn I wish I wasn't so crap) that needed to be finished, he kept apologising to me that I must be bored - but I wasn't I had my knitting.

Anyway - I love this man!


Meg said...

The ingeo/merino skein is lovely! Excellent spindle storage solution :o) - I store my spindles the same way, in a Lenox vase I got while working for that Co. Nice looking BF - you're *both* quite handsome! :)

knitsnspins said...

Hey Abi, followed the link from my blog. Hope you are well, glad to know you are happy.