Sunday, April 9

What I carry around with me...

Yesterday the BBE and I went to Alameda. He's involved in a possible new venture there, and we thought it would be a good idea for me to tag along so I could check the place out, and put some faces to names, etc...

I'm still at a loss as to what my latest and greatest project is going to be, so in the interests of keeping myself occupied I decided to empty the contents of my purse. (It seemed like a good idea at the time).

So there's me - out on the back patio - contents of purse laid out on a countertop, standing on a plastic chair to get a decent angle to take pictures. Thank goodness that I don't think anyone else was around. All of the pictures have some boobage in them - please excuse! They can get in the way sometimes.

From top left you can see my Spinner's Choice purpleheart spindle, empty - but awaiting the silk that it's resting on (I actually bought that stuff at the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally about 5? years ago). My Kundert Spindle with the Red Hat merino currently being spun, so I can get more of the ingeo/merino plied. My wallet. A regular old tape measure. Some 50/50 silk/merino blend that I dyed, with a couple of swatches of the spun plied and knit up. I've made a really cute top that is actually finished and not blogged about done out of that fiber (thinking about trying to flog the pattern). I'm not entirely sure why they're still in my purse - but they do make me happy.

Below that I've got my Chibi and a bent up 1.75mm dpn. Just one. And of course my current SIP's. The Jaywalkers that have seen a bit of progress. A calculator, a set of 4mm 16" bamboo circs. An old bone crochet hook that I picked up in a charity shop in Cornwall or Wales. A pen and a highlighter. To the left of that you can see 2 cell phones. One is for work - I'm on call this weekend - and the other is mine. I finally succombed to the need for a cell phone around Thanksgiving time last year. It's just a little Pay as You Go Virgin mobile phone, which works quite well for me, because I honestly hardly ever use it. I have literally used up just over 200 minutes since I bought the thing!!

Above the cell phones is some the leftovers from the green handspun multi directional scarf that I made my mom for Christmas (I should really go get a picture of that at some point - it came out very very nice). To the left of the green is another tape measure. BBE thought I should have a "nice" one for my purse, another highlighter, a nail file and a compact sitting on top of a gift certificate for an hour long massage and hot tub that I have been holding on to for over a year now!! I know. I don't know. I should use it - really I should. Sometimes I don't understand myself one bit.

So, yeah that's what I carry around with me everywhere. If I had a decent sized project going, I'd probably have bits and bobs of that as well - or at least some printed out patterns, or books... sigh.

Oh and in other news I won a loom of some sort on ebay for almost free! Link is here. Hmmm - I've been resisting the urge to get into weaving for so long now. This was definitely a good buy. My main interest is doing some sort of tapestry weaving, I found this website with a tutorial on Soumak weaving ages ago, and have been kicking around the idea in the back of my brain for some time now, mostly trying to figure out what I could use as a loom. I think that the loom that I won would be good for such an application?? But really I don't know the first thing about it... Oh well, It's not like I broke the bank on this. If anyone has any ideas, or can see that this thing is really not suitable at all I would most certainly appreciate any help, hints, recommendations - anything at all really! The idea is that I want to try to do some wall hangings for the house. And maybe use up some of that monstrosity of a stash that I have accumulated over the last 20 years, and dragged halfway around the world and back.


Ava said...

Hi! About once a year Vogue UK asks 5-6 notable women to empty their handbags for a photographer. It's strangely interesting. Maybe we could start an annual "What's In Your Knitbag?" for KnitBloggosphere.

Abigale said...

That's a great idea Ava! I was just trying to keep myself occupied! Anyone else want to have a go?


Ava said...

Abi, thanks for your kind words about Mermaid! I saved up for Mermaid for a while before I bought it. I got it at the Cucumber Patch in the UK for half the US price. The web address is