Wednesday, May 31

I guess this could be called my "Blue Phase"

So I get home tonight and I cram 3 out of 4 of my current projects into my purse and go out and take pics of my projects... The light could have been better, but it does illustrate that there seems to be a definite theme going on with my work the last week or so. I didn't mean to be working on 3 separate projects that are all basically the same colour - it just kinda happened that way!

  • Bottom Left: My current spindling project

  • Bottom Right: My current boring 2x2 Sockotta sock - I'm decreasing the gussets on the first sock

  • Top of pic , my Icarus shawl with the indigo dyed laceweight that I'm using nestled between the other 2 projects.

Here's my progress on the Icarus shawl - man, it's hard to hold a camera steady with one hand - and try to get an inanimate object to center in the frame!

I did not knit one stitch yesterday! I know, I can hear the gasps of shock and amazement from here. I'm still trying to get my brain to wrap around the modifications that I want to do for the fancy bits at the bottom. Though, I did actually read the directions for this thing a bit better last night and discovered that I have a few more rows to knit of the top before I get to jump into the tricky part.

I'll keep you updated. I also joined the Icarus Knitalong - wait, didn't I say that I don't "do" knitalongs a while back? And now I'm in three of them? Well, yeah - but I saw these are all things that I wanted to knit - and about the time they came out. And before I even knew there were knitalongs for the projects! Yeah, I can rationalize with the best of em.

So today was fun! (NOT!) Boo had to go to court. Yeah, court! He'd gotten popped for riding his bike without a helmet about a month ago. My brother was supposed to take him, but I guess he dropped a thousand pound beam on his foot (he's a contractor). So I got into work this morning and broke the news that I was going to have to take a very extended lunch today - not something that is anything like a normal occurrence for me.

I left work at 12:30. I made my way to the Marin County Civic Center which is a beautiful building - designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (who coincidentally was born on my birthday!) - At the exact same time as my son did. I know this because I drove right past him riding his bike - you guessed it - without a helmet!

So I had told my sweet darling boy that I would meet him in front of the elevators on the Court Level. I told him this very clearly, when he called me at work earlier. I'm sure I even repeated it a couple of times. (at least once anyway). So I get to the Court Level, no sign of the Boodledumpling, no reason to panic, I know he's got to be on his way - I look at the monitors to see where we're supposed to be, and of course his name is not on them. He's a minor. OK - I'm not even sure why we have to go to court for a ticket in the first place. I can't find my son. I try calling my brother - he's not reachable. It's getting closer and closer to 1:00 when I think we have to be in court. Still no sign of Boo. I decide to go check and see if there's more than one set of elevators on the Court Level. Yep, sure enough another set of elevators. Yep - sure enough, still no sign of Boo. I'm walking back and forth between the elevators, thinking - well, at least I'm getting some exercise in on my lunch break.

Still no sign of Boo. So I thought, I'd just better go check downstairs. I know I told him to meet me at the Court Level, in front of the elevators - but he can, well, not be the very best at paying attention to directions at times. And I don't say that lightly. So I go down the elevator, visions of him coming up the other elevator are running through my head. But no. I get downstairs, look out of the lobby and there he is. Standing there. By his bike. With no helmet anywhere. Arms crossed. Like he has all the time in the world, and where the heck is mom?

We get back upstairs and find out at the information desk, that yes, he is supposed to be in Courtroom X at 1:30. Whew, we have some time. We go upstairs to the cafeteria, I bought 3 sodas and an ice cream bar, which cost me $9! Sheesh.

Got to the courtroom in plenty of time to be the second to last ones in, and had to stand. Luckily things moved along pretty quickly. Unluckily my son's last name starts with a "T". So he's near the end. I'm seeing kids getting fined $150 for Jaywalking (and I'm not talking about the last pair of socks I knit!). I turn to Boo, and say - you're going to have to figure out some way of dealing with this yourself dude! Luckily the judge was pretty much of the same opinion, and said so. Also no problem in handing out community service hours in lieu of a fine. With the option that you could pay off those community services with money if you wanted.

So anyway, we get up to the docket. And he gets off with a warning! He was the only person in the courthouse that day to do so. The relief was so apparent on his face when he heard that! So we finally get out of the courthouse at about 2:45, and I go back to work - he goes home. Riding his bike. Without a helmet! At least now we know that if he gets caught again he's going to have to pay $114 or 14 hours of community service. And he knows that mom's going to make him work it off!


Have fun everyone!


Monika said...

Wow, I didn't know they do that! So much money for jaywalking??? What a day for you!
I like your blue phase though. ;o)

meg said...

Man, they're really making up for budget shortfalls there! Sheesh. Must mine the kids, now.

rene said...

Your blue phase kind of matches your blog template. :)

Icarus looks fantastic! And the spindling looks great. ;)

That seems like an awful lot of money for jaywalking. Heck, that seems like an awful lot of money for riding a bike without a helmet. Good luck on his not getting caught.