Friday, June 2

Random Friday

I think other people have random Wednesdays, but it's my blog - so it's Random Friday for me!

This was the sky last night on my way to go with my daughter to the mechanic's. I had to post it in the effort to make sure everything on my blog reflects my blue phase (and matches my template). I was stopped at a red light, when I thought - ohmygosh I have to take a picture of that. So there's me. Stopped at a light taking pictures out of my car window. Of course the light turns green, and I'm having so much fun I don't notice. I got honked at.

I'm going camping this weekend! Maybe. Maybe not. My daughter and her boyfriend were invited to go up north (Willits) to go camping. I'm just getting ready to head out - but wanted to post a quick entry. And then I get a call asking about other camp grounds in the area. I don't know. When G-bear is involved things have a tendency to get complimicated.

Oh, and there was stash enhancement yesterday. I won a couple of lots of yarn from e-bay. Funny thing is I paid for them both on the same day, and they both arrived last night. Well, that's not the funny thing - when you hear that one came from Turkey and the other came from right here in the states, then it just makes you start to wonder. Of course the shipping on the one from Turkey was more expensive - but worth it wouldn't you say? The stuff on the left is 400 grams of a yarn called Ram: a multi coloured (looks like I'll get a stripe effect) cotton/viscose blend, I love the shiny bits that cotton/viscose blends have.

The one on the right is one of 7 balls of Gelato another cotton viscose blend. I didn't realise from the pics on the auction that there were such thick and thin bits. Not too sure how I feel about that. I prefer even yarns. But it could be fun!

My son called last night from England. He's doing OK, but hurt himself doing jujitsu. I guess he cracked his sternum, which is something that just takes time to heal. He said his neck and his elbow hurt too. It was so good to hear from him! Gosh I miss him - it's just so damn hard having him so damn far away.

Here's a pic I took on my walk today. You can see the Richmond/San Rafael bridge there in the distance:

And here's some irises that I snapped last night when we were waiting for BearBear at the mechanics.

And I couldn't believe I got this pic - again on my walk. These little lizards are wicked fast creatures, and it was very warm today. I was vewwy vewwy quiet.


Sarah said...

Dang Abi, you must have started very young to have the kids dating and/or out the door!!!

The yarn looks fun and interesting.

Hope you have a nice camping trip.

Monika said...

Nice pictures Abi!

monkeemaven said...

Gorgeous dose of randomness!