Wednesday, June 7

Happy Birthday to ME!

Just a couple more hours until I turn 39! How the heck did that happen? I sure don't have any idea!

I won a spinning wheel off of e-bay!! The auction ended on Sunday. I haven't received any shipping notification yet. I'm wondering if I should be a bit worried. It's being shipped from The Netherlands - and I'm thinking that there is probably some delays with the $$ transfer. Then of course we're looking at a 6-8 week delivery time.

So until I actually get him/her/it in my hot little hands - Here are some pics that I lifted off of the e-bay listing. The wheel was advertised as a "Schippertje" spinning wheel. My my, what big bobbins you have my dear!

I don't know too much about the wheel. I've posted to the big Spin-List and the KnittyBoard, and found out a few things. It's a pretty common style of Dutch wheel that was used aboard the freight ships.No idea of the name of the maker though. It's a castle style frame wheel, which is bobbin-led like a Louet. It quite likely has 8 oz bobbin capacity. No idea what the ratios are. The bobbins are 2 speed, which is pretty clear in this picture. It's a fairly basic wheel. Which is good, because if something goes wrong with it, it's easy to fix. Someone told me that it's best for medium to bulky wool. Shame I don't really spin bulky wool. I guess now I'll have an excuse. And it should be absolutely brilliant for plying!

I've been wanting another wheel! I've had my Joy for almost exactly 5 years now (another birthday present). And this is just so pretty!!! And small too which is a necessity for my living arrangements at the moment.

On the knitting front:
I've screwed up my Icarus. Noticed it a couple of days ago - and of course it's something that I screwed up, oh, about 32 rows back... (long rows too!) My fingers' automatic pilot is obviously defective! Not to mention - it's only these 2 columns of yo's that are out of whack. So it's been resting ever since. I've decided that I am going to rip back to where I made the mistake. Probably thread a lifeline through with a needle and dental floss just before the oopsie - because me? Use a lifeline while I'm knitting? Easy part of the pattern - I don't need no stinking lifelines! D'oh! I do wonder if it would be possible to drop down the stitches just on the wonky party and pick them back up (hopefully) the right way and use a crochet hook to fix it. I don't think so though. Anyone ever done this?

I have made progress on my spindle spun wool/silk blend that I will cable ply with more just-silk that I spun earlier. I could probably squeeze a bit more on the spindle, but I think I'm calling it good here and winding off. It is what I'd call honking full baby. And then on to another spindle of the same!! Man, all kinds of excitement on abiknits!

OK - now I need to vent a bit... I'm really trying very hard to stay positive and keep my glass half full, but I really just have to say that I'm a bit disappointed because I scheduled this 4 day weekend off months and months ago from work, and all my plans just keep falling through.

I made it known that I would really really like to get away - probably drive down to San Diego (I've never been that far south).

My friend Di is down that way, she's expecting her first child - and planning on moving back to Australia next month. My BBE's brother lives down there too. We could drive down the conveyor belt that is I-5. Stop off at the Top of the Grapevine where I lived before we moved to England. Boo could see some of his cousins. Maybe swing by Santa Barbara on the way back up, taking 101 along the coast and have a little visit my stepsister. All a great plan right?

Well, BBE has "stuff" that's come up. Work stuff. He's working tomorrow night. Bartending. The late shift till 2am! So he'll be unavailable. Unless I want to hang out at the bar while he's working? Not so much, but that might just happen. It's not too bad. There is wireless internet access there. But what do I want to do on my birthday? Hanging out at a bar waiting for my guy to get off work, surfing the internet just doesn't sound like too much fun. I don't even drink! And hanging out at a bar because you're waiting for someone to get off work - and being surrounded by people in various states of inebriation? Not really ideal.

I really did want to get away. I haven't had any time off since January. I haven't actually been anyplace since I got here 4 years ago. (well, there was one overnight trip to Cazadero, which was lovely - but also about 4 years ago).

My daughter tried to arrange a weekend away at her landlord's lake house - but that's fallen through as well. So. What do I do?

Well, I have a gift certificate for an hour long massage that's been aging in my purse since the Christmas before last. I definitely think it's going to get used tomorrow. Not to mention time in the hot tub as well. And there's a very private sun deck - mmm laying out in the sun.

It's Stitch & Bitch tomorrow night at Marin Fiber Arts. Though I've only been once, and feel a bit awkward - not being a regular and all...

Sigh... Still! I have 4 days off! Plenty of time to knit - and hopefully still do something fun! I really do need a bit of a break. And there will be trips at some point in my future. I hope. And I have a massage coming to me. And! My camera chip will be delivered tomorrow, which means that I do have to stop by the office - but whoo freaking hoo!! Room on my camera! That's something to look forward to! Not to mention my new spinning wheel!! Trying to think of a name for her/him/it... shippy keeps popping into my head when I think of it - but that's a bit too close to another not very flattering word. Anyone have any suggestions? There might be a prize in it!

I'll let you all know how it all goes. Think good thoughts for me OK? It's hard enough to feel like you're older than you really should be, actually booking off time in advance (me plan ahead? I mean really!) and then just have it all kind of fall apart on you... well - it's just hard - and I know I shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself - it'll be fine! Really. Massage. Sunshine. Spinning. Knitting. It will be fine.


Janet said...

Happy birthday fellow Gemini! I'll be 39 in two weeks! :-)

Sarah said...

Happy birthday Abi!

I am not far behind you in the years.....when did I get closer to 40 than 30?

Oh my....that is a long way to rip!!! Ack!

Jen said...

Aww, happy birthday! Hope it all works out fabulously!

KnittinNurse said...

Hi Abi Glad you enjoyed your birthday(anyway) so -happy (late) B-day. Slipped my mind that the guild met today too- oh well. Shawl looks nice; ripping looks like best solution. Lace is not easy for me to manage -since I hand knit mainly “on the job” spur of the moment only and often have to shove it away when the long waits are over(MD offices and ER etc); too many dropped yarn overs. Hope you still get to get away sometime. BBE sounds like a really good person to be helping out like that. Best Regards/ C \

Mary Kay said...

Happy Birhtday! Love your ANGST...very clever. Are those flowers on a long stem? I have some similar...they are called naked ladies because the leaves die off and these beautiful flowers pop up on stems. Icarus, just rip back. It is in a spot with no shaping, just yo's. What's the worst that will happen? And when you get it done you will feel so proud! Keep us posted, ok?