Saturday, May 27

One Log Short of a Cabin

So yeah - I've been busy with the whole log cabinning thing. I was able to get almost 1 whole cabin done over two nights. Just one log short. Kind of how I'm feeling in general these days.

A big part of me is thinking - OK - I've been working on this for 5 weeks very solidly - just about every night - every chance I get... I've got 26 squares left to knit, at my current pace of 2 squares a week that would make another 13 weeks to go - but if I can keep up the pace of the last couple of nights (the BBE is working nights these days, so I'm getting more than usual done) and get say, 3 squares done a week - that would mean more like 9 weeks of totally busting my behind. And whoo hoo - we have a 3 day weekend!! And more whoo hoo - I've booked off a 4 day weekend towards the beginning of June. My birthday this year is a Thursday, and I have built up some vacation time. Still a very long time of nothing but log cabins. Sigh.

Oh, and please ignore the fact that the block on the bottom right isn't exactly pointing in the intended direction - I guess I wasn't paying enough attention when I was laying it out. Good thing I haven't started sewing it together yet.

But now I've got more blocks to play with and can arrange them into more configurations!!

If I remember correctly this one is called Streak of Lightning. I really like how some of the curves are starting to show up in this particular picture. It's going to take a lot of arranging and rearranging to get this to where I want it - but it really is a lot of fun!

In case you couldn't already tell, I think I'm about to cheat on this particular project. Where's my stunt knitter when I need one? I want this blanket - I want it done.

Mmmm hmmm - I recently went and bought the new Interweave Knits. A couple of the projects really jumped out at me. Particularly this lovely Icarus shawl. I have just the yarn for it as well... The pattern calls for 100 grams of laceweight Suri Elegance... This indigo dyed laceweight is more than 100 grams, but does anyone else notice something a bit fishy in here?? I mean - it looks like it's a decent size but only until you notice that it's only cause the model has got the whole thing pulled over to the right.

Sigh... The pattern tells you how to upsize the shawl by knitting more repeats of the plainer top section, but I want more of the really pretty lacey bits at the bottom. I haven't had a chance to go over the charts yet to see if it would be possible to upsize the pattern a bit that way - anyone have an idea? I mean it shouldn't be something that I couldn't figure out - but somehow I really don't want to try hurting my brain with it right this moment. I'll probably use my whole knitting by the seat of my pants method and just charge in blindly, and wait to see what happens.

I'm sure I'll get questions about the yarn... It was an undyed commercial laceweight that I bought on-line about a year ago.. I don't remember who exactly I got it from, only that she had just given birth when I placed my order. Ring any bells? It's lovely stuff!

I dyed it with indigo last weekend at the local spinning guild meeting. My first try at indigo dyeing: instant indigo from a freeze dried vat - the yarn went through 3 dips, and I'm very pleased with how it came out. It was also my first guild meeting!! I finally braved it thanks to Claudia - who has been so wonderful about keeping in touch with me about the upcoming meetings. She assured me that everyone is really nice, (which I had no doubt of) but it was just really comforting that someone that I "knew" even if from a few e-mails exchanged would be there too.

So I'm sitting here at my BBE's house. He's working, but will be back in the wee hours. I haven't seen him since Tuesday. This is the longest I've gone without seeing him since we met (let alone started really seeing each other).

I think I might just have a problem, I'm hanging out here for the evening - I live less than 10 miles from here and this is what I brought with me:

  1. A grocery bag full of yarn for the OCLC
  2. All the OCLC finished squares.
  3. The laceweight indigo dyed yarn.
  4. A hank of Helen's Laces (just in case I decide I want to use that for the Icarus -if I actually decide to start it).
  5. 3 sets of needles which could be used in Icarus - again, just in case.
  6. My current spindle project - Oh, there will be a post about that next!
  7. My current sock which has just had the heel turned and the gusset stitches picked up.
  8. The Summer IK
  9. My camera, which I'd almost given up hope of finding - it's been MIA for almost a week now! It was here, in my laptop bag - BBE looked for it there, but I guess just didn't see it.
  10. And of course all the various bits, bobs and sundries that I always carry around with me (calculator, chibi, tape measure(s), book light, extra needles, old swatches etc...
I do have to say I've got a Great Rationale behind starting the Icarus. I know I'm rationalizing - but this one is really good - really! I mean, I'm looking at 9-15 weeks (or forever whichever comes first) on the OCLC - and having to schlep a gillion tribbles back and forth? I've actually been thinking that a decent sized project to keep at my honey's house would be a good thing. Just hadn't figured out what that project would be. So I think - I'm pretty sure in fact - that you will be seeing pics of the start of the Icarus shawl very soon.

I hope everyone out there is having a great time, and getting to take a bit of time off to relax this weekend!

Have fun - and most importantly stay safe!


Monika said...

Hi Abi, the squares are looking very nice, almost like fabric. I used to quilt a lot and have a book about Log Cabins. I'm going to try something from that some day. Keep going and it's really nice to do some other little projects in between! ;o)

Dominique said...

I love all the different ways to play with the light and dark side of the logs. But I do understand the need to change projects. I have found that whenever I am stuck on a project, it helps to switch to something else. It takes a bit longer to finish something, but eventually everything gets finished.

Ev said...

I'm working on Icarus, too, in an off-white laceweight yarn from Skacel (Merino Lace). It's coming out really nice. If the stitch pattern for the lacy part (I don't have the pattern with me right now) is a simple repeat like the upper part, I can't see any reason you couldn't extend that part. What I would do, though, is run a lifeline when you've completed the pattern part as written. Then, if it doesn't work out, you can frog back to your lifeline and continue on from there again.

I do like the yarn you're using for Icarus. The slight variegation in the colours looks great. And, nice blog. :)

charl cohen said...

the log cabin is awesome. i have been enthrawled with that pattern for decades. are you using a pattern/instructions or punting? i would love to get input on the construction. do you do one rectangle and then pick up stitches for the next one?

-charl in miami

wenders said...

Ah, I noticed that they had her hold the shawl that way, too. I'm using Skacel mohair that has about 1200 yards (much more than the 875 called for) and I am already wondering if I should do an extra repeat of the 'boring part'. I can't wait to see if you add on/modify the fancy part!