Wednesday, May 17

Finally more pics of my OCLC

So work today was hectic... I'd gotten my 10,000 steps in by 4:00, and I took my "short" walk at lunch time. Of course I didn't bother to check to see where I was when I started off - to see just how "short" my short walk is, but nevertheless it was a beautiful day once again today.

The main reason I took my short walk is because I had to take some pictures!! Yay - pictures! I'd finally finished up square number 7 of my OCLC last night!! Whoo hoo - do a happy dance - lay the squares out on the floor in my bedroom, and just stare at how this is all coming together. This was all waaay past my bedtime of course!

I really wanted to get some pictures in decent light so I could blog it. I'm also on the Mason Dixon KAL and the Log Cabin KAL. And I haven't seen anyone else doing Off-center squares anywhere.

So I laid the squares out on the lawn at one of the office buildings across the street from me. I wonder if anyone looked out their window and wondered what the heck I was doing? I'm sure I'm mostly harmless - so even if they wondered what the mad woman was doing on their lawn with colourful squares, my trusty spindle (for scale of course) and my camera, I was not disturbed.

I'm kinda pleased! Of course this is not what the final layout will look like - I'm going to get to have loads of fun playing around with arranging and rearranging all the squares until I'm happy enough with it to start sewing it together. But now that I have 7 whole blocks (19% done!!) I can finally start to show what kinds of fun stuff you can really do with this pattern.

7 squares is weighing in at 580 grams (or thereabouts) . I reckon that my bedspread is going to end up just over 3 kilos, that should get rid of most of my stash cotton... Of course I might just have to buy a bit more yarn.

This weekend I am planning on going to my first spinning guild meeting. I'm nervous - but it should be a lot of fun. They're doing an indigo dyeing workshop this weekend - which is something that I've been interested in for quite a while now. Let's just hope that I don't sleep in on Sunday.


Monika said...

It looks amazing!

Ava said...

Looks great, Abi!

Goldendomer said...

Wow! That's all I can say. What a beautiful blanket!

Meg said...

Beautiful! The OCLC is going to be a feast for the eyes.
You wondered what kind of roving I used, k.a. dyeing . . something from New Zealand, the label from the woolen mill (in my hometown) didn't give a breed of sheep. It's sort of coarse and long-stapled. Also feels like it has mohair content.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and I love the design you have put together for your OCLC!! I was thinking about making one for my little sister who is heading off to college in the fall, and you have sealed the deal! I'm definitely doing it, but hers will be in all green - she's green-obsessed! Anyway, happy knitting!