Thursday, October 19

Wings o'the Moth Part III

Yep - I've been busy. I am loving this pattern! The Twin Leaf Lace is almost done. Just another 3 or 4 rows to go since this picture was taken, and then the transition to the Corona edging.

I have been sitting in the car and knitting on my lunch breaks. I can walk and knit - but I haven't felt that I can trust myself with the patterning at the edges without the chart in front of me, so haven't dared to go on without it right in front of me. These rows are starting to get a bit long now. I was only able to get one and a half done in my half hour lunch today.
I've been forgoing my normal spindle walking sessions along the bay - which is a bit of a shame as the weather here is still pretty nice, fall is definitely in the air, and this won't last too much longer.

When I lived in England I would actually get flack for my "misuse" of the English language for saying "fall" instead of Autumn. I was very happy when I found out that "fall" is actually a term that was coined by the great bard Shakespeare, and in common usage in Elizabethan times. It has just fallen out of use on that side of the pond now. Definitely gave pause to a couple of Brits that this particular Yank could out-english them every once in a while.

I'm really hoping I can have this done and blocked before my spinning guild meeting on Sunday. I'm still really new there - but it would be nice to knock a couple of socks off - I'm not trying to brag or anything - but I'm impressing Myself with this particular piece. Nice when that happens, isn't it?

I've been meaning to block my Azalea Shawl for weeks now - and haven't gotten around to it yet. I really should - if I'm going to be crawling around on the floor with damp lace I figure I might as well make it a party right? We'll see if I can wrap my head around the next chart. The knitting gods could just bitch slap me for all my happy happy joy joy - look at how good I've done so farness... (touch wood - they won't - please do not bring the wrath of the lace gods!)
Have I not already done my penance? There has been 2 tinking sessions already. The first took me a week to do... Well, it shouldn't have taken a whole week. It was just that I'd taken myself off to me bed with a book.

One weird thing is that I'd been knitting along from a seemingly undending ball of yarn for days and days. Then yesterday - without warning a huge gaping hole has appeared in the middle of the yarn cake that has been giving and giving with no real indication of anything happening to it. This is what they mean when they say that shawls start to eat up yarn at a rather alarming rate. I had been worrying that the purpley bit at the end of the ball would not see this particular project. Now I'm very slightly worried that I will have to spin more yarn just to get to the bind off. We shall see.

I also have a fall/housewarming/we just moved in together let's have a get together type party that we've been invited to weekend after this next one. I'm seriously contemplating taking the shawl - but am also very nervous about doing so. It's one of those parties where I'll be going and only knowing the hosts (and not well at that, though she seems lovely, and like someone I'd like to get to know better) and my most wonderful boyfriend. So there's the normal angst about what I'll be wearing, and how I'll be perceived. I don't think I own anything particularly trendy - Just putting makeup on is kind of an occasion for me! I like getting dressed up and wearing makeup - I just don't do it often. I'm more about being comfy and haven't been in many new social situations in a pretty long time. So yeah, I'm kind of nervous about it.

Anyway - it's getting late and this is the second time I'm attempting to post this (damn laptop froze on me - and I hadn't saved as Draft, not Bloggers fault - but tremendously annoying all the same).

I will just leave you with a nice phartsy shot of the Moth...


Splindarella said...

Your shawl is just gorgeous! I'm doubly impressed that you spun the yarn for it. Spectacular!

Monika said...

Wow, coming along nicely! Must look hilarious, you sitting in the car and knitting! ;o) What are you snacking on for lunch? Fiber dust? ;o)

Bea said...

WOW, amazing handspun, and amazing shawl! Did you spin all the yarn on a spindle? I love the idea of walking and spindling, but I don't think I'm good enough for that yet :) I have visions of my spindle breaking and flying off into traffic.

Sarah said...

Looks great!

I have to sit down with mine and figure it out.

Sarah said...

Lovely lovely moth!

Ooooh, I do hope you have enough yarn! You have enough roving to spin a bit more if necessary?

Can't wait to see her all blocked out!

Julie said...

Wow, it's absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely. Gorgeous. I think you should wear it to the party. ;)

kessa said...

Its really beautiful! Really impressive. I love the 'bands' of colors.. Kind of reminds me of a blue Jupiter. =) Did you use a lace-flyer when spinning up this yarn (I think you mentioned your wheel is an Ashford Joy)

enallagma9 said...

That shawl is coming ou beautifully! I think after seeing all the beautiful shawls at Rhinebeck this weekend, I've got to start knitting one myself, but with commercial yarn. I can't spin laceweight yet!