Tuesday, October 17

Wings o'the Moth Progress Part II

I just wanted to put out a quick note to say that thanks to Anne's wonderful help last night I was able to figure out what had happened. I had reversed the shaping for the second half - thinking it should be mirror imaged. If I'd just read the directions properly I would have been fine. Basically you repeat the directions for the first half when you do the second half. Do not second guess the designer.

So I tinked back two rows, placed my markers in the correct positions and had a great time knitting the Twin Leaf Lace, which is a lovely intuitive pattern, and just looks wonderful. I was only able to get one repeat done last night - but the rows are starting to get a bit longer at this point. I'm hoping I can match that progress tonight.

And let's see - I should probably throw up something pretty since I don't have any progress pics to show of the shawl....

OK - here's some Rosemary that is growing near my house... Nice... I can also pick fresh mint - bay leaves - I have sage and basil growing in the window box... There's more, but I can't think of it all right now - time to go home and work on my shawl....

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Sarah said...

Glad you figured out the Wing o the Moth! It's looking great, and you are a fast lace knitter! That much progress would have taken me about a month!

Fresh herbs are lovely. I always have them on hand too!