Tuesday, January 2

Some pictures!

So I was able to get some pictures today of the Stuff that I'm currently spinning - no go on the baby blanket I'm afraid... Soon though.

Oh - and we had a wonderful New Year's Eve - the Best Boyfriend Ever took me OUT - dancing even! Most of the time I got to dance on me own - but he actually got out on the dance floor for a few songs with me. A total First. He's the guy who doesn't dance. Very wonderful and romantic indeed... And to be honest - while my boyfriend is a really really good, steady, easy-going nice man. He's really NOT good at the romance department. Says it makes him feel all squeamish and mucky inside. I have to admit, there has been a bit of nagging encouragement in that direction on my part. He's fulfilled his quota for the time being - until, of course Valentine's day.

Anyway. Back to the pictures - What first? I guess the Pink Silk Bubble Yummy... Since I went on about what a PITA it was to Navajo ply two bobbins together (6 ply yarn) in my last post. It doesn't look that bad in this picture, but trust me - there are areas that are snarled and snarfed up within the skein - I figure I'll just deal with them when I'm knitting it up.

And here they are together.... Hard to tell how they'll both knit up - but I'm really hoping that I can make this work in some sort of project.

I've filled up two bobbins of the 8ozs of CVM - And have the silk going on a third bobbin. Am currently trying to decide whether or not to spin up two bobbins of the silk (I do have enough) to make a 4ply. The CVM seems awful fine, and I'd like to make something that won't take a lifetime to knit up... 3ply might just work out ok though.

And in other news. A couple of posts ago I was wondering whether the scarf I gave my mom for Christmas last year was in a state good enough to take pictures of.... Sadly, while we were gathered at my Grandmother's house she came to me with the announcement that she had bad news. She had lent it to my step-sister, to go out to dinner with a friend. My stepsister accidently left it at the restaurant. Mom went back to see if anyone had turned it in, but it was gone. Sigh - it was spindle spun too - very pretty silk/wool blends in two different greeney colourways. I knit it up into a multidirectional scarf - and now will probably never get a picture of it. Though I do live in a really nice little town. I am sure that if I see it around town, the person who scored it would give it back. I sure hope they are enjoying it. I know for a fact that they have no idea how much work went into it. Oh well... So she informed me that I get to make another scarf for her. I'm planning on either the yarn left over from the Wings o'the Moth shawl - or the Red Hat yarn that I did in Ingeo.

Anyway - got to get to bed, it's late, and I'm being paged.

Happy New Year to everyone!


Sarah said...

Happy new year to you too!

Aha, see, I spin a lot like that too, heeee!

Lounge spinners unite!

The silk is gorgeous. I love it!
I really can't tell where you say you snarfed it up!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous spinning! Yay for dancing on the New Year! My boyfriend is totally the same but surprised me recently by dancing with me on a cruise we went on.

Spinster said...

Hi Abi
Your spinning looks beautiful! You're a talented spinner indeed.

Heidi (Miss Moo from pixiepurls forum)

Sean Carter said...

Hey nice photos...will surely like to see them when they are done...well keep up the good work...and hey since the season of love and romance is coming up do take a peek into my blog sometime and share some of the love and romance it's filled up with!!!!

Ava said...

Hey Abi! someone took our idea to show the contents of our handbags! Here at Kate Spade: http://www.katespade.com/corp/index.jsp?page=event&eid=21823199
and here:

Ava said...

Here's the Flickr "What's in my bag?" site: http://flickr.com/photos/tags/whatsinmybag

Harlem Purl said...


Love the pink bubble gum. I can just imagine how *SWEET* that's going to look knit up.

Kris said...

Wow, I love seeing the pictures of your yarn. They are so beautiful. Sorry to hear about the scarf. That really bites.