Wednesday, January 10

That time of the year

Knitting completed in 2006

Yep - everyone else is doing it - but I thought it would be nice to look at the knitting that I've accomplished over the last year. There didn't seem to be as much as I thought there would, but then again - projects that just crashed and burned and were ripped won't be shown. Of course the baby blanket that I made for my Zaney little nephew still hasn't seen a photo op either.

Looking back - I guess I just ended up spending an awful lot of time behind the spinning wheel. Boy, did I make a lot of yarn! No idea of the totals of course (note to self - remember to update stash spreadsheet with new yarn that I've spun, even if I can't get all the yarn in the house on there, I should be able to keep that updated!).

For 2007 I would really like to get more knitting accomplished. That is a goal. Have I been knitting lately? Well - no, not really. Ran into a snag on the top secret project, and need to rip. And I don't have any new projects started. I'd so love to start a new project, but look over to your right - you see that list? The WIP list. I have stuff on that list that has been there since the inception of this blog (or as soon as I figured out how to add stuff in the sidebar anyway). And even worse? A lot of that stuff has been OTN for at least 5 years now.

Yep - that is not a typo. I hang my head in shame. I have a confession to make. I am much better at starting projects than I am at finishing them. It's true. Shameful, and guilt provoking (well, not too much guilt really - starting a new project would be equivalent to, oh I don't know - eating a whole thing of Ben and Jerry's in a sitting, very enjoyable - but slightly naughty).

So yeah - next assignment is to get pics of all of those projects, and then work out some type of workable plan for getting some of those done, dusted and finished off.

And in other news - I've been walking the last couple of days - but the big thing? I found some Pilates DVD's and have been trying to do a workout every day. My daughter and I have been having great fun doing it together. You should see us - we aren't very clear on the whole concept of left and right, so we constantly get it wrong and end up bumping into each other. We are getting better at it though. And I have definitely noticed a difference in the belly department. Good stuff, if you get a chance to try it - please do! Very good for focus. A lot of breathing, not too strenuous - but very hard work at the same time. My triceps are still a bit sore, and lord knows that at my age - my triceps need work.

Also, my BBE surprised me the other night with this... I know it's a crappy picture. But basically he went onto my Flickr account and found bunches of photographs that I've taken, collaged them, printed it all out and made the frame. He's been helping his sister do a bunch of stuff around her place - she's redecorating. One of the projects has been new blinds. With some of the leftovers he put together this little frame for me. I've been talking about how I want to blow up some of my pretty pictures, and get them framed, and he just up and did a little project for me. I'm kinda lucky I guess. He's pretty nice to me.

So I've finished off one spindleful of the Optim that I've been spinning on my lunchtime walks - need to do another.

On my Joy I'm almost done spinning the silk that I'm going to ply with the CVM from the last post.

No knitting progress to report.

Oh, and the next post - disappearing vegetables!


enallagma9 said...

Don't feel too guilty about not finishing things - it's just a sign of your abundant creativity! Plus, all the yarn you spun counts as FOs, right?

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in 2007 - have fun!

Janet said...

You've been tagged on my blog!!!!
Have a Great Day :)


Sarah said...

I still think you've done well for 2006. I love Caramel Swirl. And heck with all your spinning, you've been VERY productive!