Friday, February 16

New Job!!

So Whoo Hoo - I start a new job on Monday - yep, I know it's President's Day, but not everyone gets it off. I'm excited. And happy! One of the reasons I've not been posting so much lately is that I quit my job a couple of weeks ago. Felt great - like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. I didn't talk too much about my last job, but it wasn't one where I'd ever really been tremendously happy. But you know, I'm a single mom, and I have to work... So I was really trying to stay positive and busy, and not let panic take over, but I don't do so well with that kind of stress, and also tend to isolate, and not want to talk to people, or really let them know how I am.

I'm pretty impressed with myself though - I ended up getting 5 interviews, out of about 9 resume's that I sent out.

This last interview today pays a lot better, is a lot more flexible and really might be pretty stressful, (sounds like they really need someone to get them all organised). But at the end of the day more money is a great thing. The last job the pay was not very good, and I was getting pretty tired of having to stress most months about getting the landlord his rent check. Not that it was ever to a point where I didn't know how I would manage - but definitely - putting off a lot of things because the rent was coming due.

Not too bad - a hot two weeks out of work, and I'm back in the saddle again. I'm happy, but nervous at the same time. Starting a new job is always stressful. One of the main reasons I stayed at the last place as long as I did. I was there almost two and a half years, and stayed because basically I knew the ropes and could do the job - but was never very happy or fulfilled with it.

Anyway - I just had to share - I'm happy and it's good.

Just a shot of a pretty sunset at the Club, where I live.


Sarah said...

Congratulations on the new job!

Hope it goes well.

Monika said...

LOL, I thought, no more comments for Abi, until I saw that in the previous post are 5 Woo Hoo's and it FINALLY clicked!
Congratulations! That's pretty impressive, 5 out of 9! Wish you well with your new job!

Kris said...

How exciting! Congratulations on the new job.

Shell said...

Congrats on the new job!

mel said...

Congrats Abi! It stinks to spend so much time at something that's not really doing it for you. I hope your new job is more fulfilling and fun!!

Sner said...

Congrats on the new job. It wasn't until I got a job I loved that I realised how miserable I'd been at the job I only liked. I hope you have amazing success and still have plenty of time to knit and spin!