Friday, March 16

Another Job Interview!!

Just got back from the interview at the landscaping company.... I will hear back for sure on Monday morning, but it really looks like I've got it - I'll still be getting more money than at the old job, and it sounds like fun! Lots of different hats, almost a transitional type position, but definitely one that I can put my mark on, and just be happy at!!

Y'all have no idea the sense of happiness and joy that I am feeling right now... Oh, it's wonderful!

I haven't been real happy in my work environment for so long, and this really really seems like it's perfect for me - loads of different hats, very focused on customer service, keeping track of people - wow.... I'm just so doing a happy dance right now. I'll be giving my two weeks notice soon.

OK - they just called and said that I definitely have the job - it's at the lower end of the rate that I would have been happy with - but there's a lot of good benefits - profit sharing, 401k, bonuses, insurance - the whole cha cha.

I'm happy! I'm so happy - it's good. Now I just have to let the other people know that I'm leaving - boy am I not looking forward to that! But like I said in my interview, it's a lot like dating - you go out with someone, and you're just really not that interested -even though they are! Doesn't mean you spend the rest of your life with that person - it means you get out, and make it as clean and easy as possible.

Anyway - there's more news (I got a shipment of Optim in and will be selling it soon - but I'm saving that for another post, and some decent pictures)....

Happy dance
Happy dance
Happy dance


Julie said...

Congrats! I just came over here to see if there was any news :)

And the Optim...e-mail me and I will tell you my Tale of Optim Woe... :(

Monika said...

So much excitement! Wish you all the best!

Sner said...

Selling? Selling? You mean there's another fibre type out there who I'm going to have to give my money to? ;-) Can't wait to see what you come up with! I haven't had a chance to try the Optim but I'm sure I will soon. . .