Thursday, March 15


I just got an e-mail that they've shipped my camera. I'm a bit upset. I paid for it last Friday, received a message on Monday that they had not received payment, so called the company - and was told that my payment had gone through and that it should ship that day. I even paid extra to get 2nd day shipping so I could get back to taking pictures as quickly as possible. Well. Now it's Thursday. And 2nd day shipping means that I won't get my camera until next Monday! D'oh!

The BBE has a camera that he's happy to let me borrow - but I don't like his camera. I want my camera. I want it like now! As my father always used to say patience is a virtue. But geeze I mean, the whole point of paying extra for expedited shipping is kind of null and void if they hold on to my order for days and days. What's wrong with some people? They were really nice on the phone.

In other news, I finally got a new desktop at my house. I've been putting off changing out my old dinosaur for a long time just because my ex-husband did some tricky things with Unix based programs that I find really useful, and it's a pita to swap those. Not to mention the fact that there's a lot of music on the old machine, that I was worried about swapping. Luckily the BBE has a couple of mondo huge external hard drives, so we just copied everything the other night, and uploaded it onto the new system. Of course I don't have internet at home right now, though that's something that I'm definitely looking into updating as soon as possible too.

My poor BBE - he's been so wonderful, finding me a new system, trying to get it all loaded up with the programs that I want. The problem is that by the time I'm done with work, I really don't want to deal with anything computer related at all. My head just hurts, and I don't feel like I can deal with any more. So I get a bit snappish. I don't like being snappish. It's not something that I'm doing on purpose, and I know it's hard for those around me.

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