Friday, March 9


Wow - so I just posted and talked about getting a raise (yippeee!)

Right after I did that I got a call from another company that I had interviewed for before I'd taken this job. They called me after I'd started here and offered me the position, which I had to turn down. I was told that if things didn't work out to let them know. And to be honest, I wasn't real happy, and thought, oh great - I've gone and gotten myself another job that I don't like!

So I e-mailed the gal at the other company on Monday morning to say that I didn't think things were working out here, and if they're happy with the person that they do have in the position that I interviewed for, then that's all good, and have a nice day, kinda thing. Well, I didn't hear anything back until just about 10 minutes ago, so thought that particular avenue was a dead end.

They have filled the position that I interviewed for, but they liked me so much that they want to find something for me. I have another interview next Friday with her and her boss. Crikey - when it rains it pours. But this is a good rain.

I really really liked the atmosphere at that place - I mean, it was an immediate, I love the vibe here kind of thing. This place... Well, there's only four of us here - and I really like the other employee, but the boss and his wife - erm, they tend to fight. A lot. And he's very high strung, and not very good with his communication skills. There's more work here than we can handle, and that's it - just the four of us, and I am happy that the money is good, but I'm working at a salary rate, and putting in quite a few extra hours... not as many as the other two guys, but still.

So, I have another interview scheduled for next Friday, and I'm going to go. At least see what they're offering, and what's going on. I don't even know for sure if I will end up with another offer - but it doesn't hurt to explore your options right?

Nobody is even around for me to talk to at this point, the BBE is on scaffolding, Gwen has her cell phone turned off, my mom isn't around... but I have at least until next Friday to think about it all anyway, right? See how things go... I'd hate to feel like I was leaving these people in the lurch - they really do need somebody good - but then again, do I want to be in this environment for the foreseeable future? I don't know - Kind of exciting - but man! After I heard about the raise and how happy they are with me - the owner actually called me after work to thank me for doing such a good job a couple of nights ago (blew my socks off, that did). And wanting to raise my rate after 3 weeks.... My head is just spinning.


Sarah HB said...


It is wonderful to be loved & wanted.

I hope things turn out in a good way for you.

Monika said...

Woo Hoo! That's right! You go girl! I was thinking of you and how it's going, that's great news! Do what feels right for you.

Windyridge said...

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

We are down here in Santa Barbara visiting Caroline.
We have a nice small cottage at a B&B about 1 mile from where Snicks lives. Dinner was fun with Carrie and Matt last night. I guess that I know what you were calling about on Friday. You will make the right decision. Remember that if you are feeling like the situation you are currently in will not work for any reason that its best to do what is best for you long term.

Keep in touch.

Kris said...

I'm trying this comment for the second time. I hope you don't get duplicates. Good Luck with the interview!