Friday, March 9


Whoo Hoo! It's Friday! I get off early today. Finally got my first paycheck, which was as I expected. But as it was handed to me I was told that the next one was going to be even better, they're happy with me, and are giving me a raise already! Whoo Hoo! And let's just throw in a yippee for good measure.

I ordered a replacement camera last night - have to go deposit the money into my account before I can finalise the transaction, but it's the exact same as the one I had before. A Fuji Finepix E550, which I was happy with, and used to. It's also not one that's brand spanking new out there on the market, so I was able to find it on e-bay for cheap! About 1/2 what I paid a year ago. In some ways I'm a bit bummed that I'm not getting a different fancy schmancy bling bling camera - but this one has such bang for the buck, that I've decided to stay with it. Not a bad recommendation for a point and shoot right?

And other big news around my house. Both Gwen and Boo have joined me in the ranks of the employed. Gwen's working at the local hardware store as a cashier, and Boo finally started work with my brother on a job site where they're building 6 new houses not far from home, he's working as a laborer. Not bad! Now I'm trying to convince them that they should each pick out one night a week to be in charge of dinner. Somehow they don't think it's entirely fair. I pointed out that if they each had one night, and the BBE took a night, I'm still providing dinner 4 nights a week, what's not fair about that? I don't care if it's takeout, or frozen food or what. But the nightly dinner-go-round where I shop and plan and prepare and cook all the meals tends to get just a little old after a while. And it would give me more time to work on my own projects. Projects are good!

Though I don't feel that I've been tremendously productive just lately - there's the Handsome Triangle shawl that I'm working on - going nicely, though I really don't like the 4 stitch spine down the middle, but it's started like that, and I feel that it would look funny if I didn't carry it through all the way now. And there are a couple little wobbles in the beginning, that I've decided are just going to stay - it's kind of like when you start at a new job, and aren't entirely sure how things are supposed to work, and then as you start to figure it all out you look back and think - oh shit! I didn't want to do it like that! But it all works out in the end, and it's fine. So the shawl is mirroring what's going on in my life right now, and that's just fine with me - it's going to be beautiful when it's done. I sure wish I could show it off! Soon though, very soon.

Otherwise - things are going well. Just trying to adjust to more hours than I'm used to - and trying to wrap my poor little brain around all the stuff that I'm learning, but I'm learning a lot and it's fine. One of my first big tasks is to count all the windows and doors on a set of architectural plans for a 300 unit project, which covers two separate buildings and has about 16 different types of units in it. Ouch. But it's a lot like looking at knitting patterns, and fairly obvious, except when there's errors in the write up of the plans. Ouch. But it's fine, really it's fine. Today I'm counting bathrooms.

Anyway - I guess that's it for this installment, I'm sure looking forward to the weekend, and hopefully getting some work done on a few things.
And just because I don't like posting without any pictures, I'm recycling this swallowtail butterfly that I captured last year. It's just one of my favorites.


flwrhead said...

Aren't swallowtails great? I saw a butterfly this weekend for the first time! I believe spring is here!

Sarah said...

Good Luck!

Give us an update soon!