Monday, March 5

Definite Difficulties.

I'm 99.9% sure that my camera was stolen out of my car last week. I remember having it, and taking it to work with me - and I very stupidly left it on the front seat when I went to run to the grocery store at lunch time. I very rarely lock the doors on my car - mostly because I have door issues. The front drivers side door and the back door on the other side of the car don't open from the outside (I know, what a pain!). Anyway, usually I just leave the window rolled down a bit so I can get in fairly easily, and I think someone got my camera. (picture a big pouty face here). I mean - I don't drive a fancy car - and anything that's in it, is usually only valuable to me. My camera usually lives in my bag. What was I thinking?!?

I was all set to go put in a blog entry about my beauteous new yarn - one ply handdyed optim that was sent to me by Helena of the Good Sheep over on Etsy. Seems she and the optim just didn't get along that well, and she asked if I'd like it. Like it? It's like my very favorite fiber to spin, practically! (well, I do have a lot of favorites - but Optim is right up there at the very tippy top of the list, no kidding).

The other ply is some soy silk that I had spun up ages and ages ago - with no real purpose in mind. I started it off with some greenish soy silk, and finished off the bobbin with pink... And then I had more optim than soy silk, so just plied some of that back on itself. I ended up with 744 yards of prettiness that I dutifully took pictures of, but didn't have a chance to upload before the disappearance of the camera.

I so miss it! I use my camera just about every day - and this time of year? The plum trees and the daffodils and the irises and and and... all blooming. The weather has been gorgeous the last couple of days.... and and and, no camera. Whatta Pain!

I find that it makes such a tremendous difference in just my every day life - I see the world in a totally different way than before I had the digital camera. It's just amazing to me, I wish I could describe it a bit better - but it's seeing the little bits of beauty all around me - even some really run down areas can have beautiful little plants, or blossoms that if you choose to focus on just that - you have captured some true beauty. Amazing, but oh, so hard to describe. I love the picture a day idea. I didn't join or anything, just because I know how difficult it is for me right now to get any quality computer time - but it's something that I'd highly recommend to anyone - take your digital camera out on a walk with you. Find your macro setting. Use it. Don't just take pictures of your yarn - but look around at your surroundings with an eye to finding something amazing, something that you wouldn't even notice if you didn't have your camera with you.

That is my challenge.

Oh, and the yarn that I just finished? Already cast on for a shawl from Victorian Lace. The variations in color that I ended up with just screamed for it - I haven't found a pic online that I can share - but if you have the book, it's the big triangle shawl towards the beginning - pictured in a lovely coral red silk, this version is very definitely multicolored, self-striping as can only be gotten by spinning it yourself.

Anyway - I'll be able to order a new camera at the end of the week, and hopefully have some prettiness to show in the next installment.


Monika said...

Oh, no! That sucks! You are right about the a picture a day thing. Back in 2000 I took a picture every day and have a very thick folder to show for it. It was fun and you go through the world with open eyes, always looking for THE shot! But the camera was not that great, still I enjoyed it very much. Hope you'll get a replacement camera soon.

mel said...

That totally stinks!!! I'm sorry to hear it, I look forward to your pics (yarn & nature shots!) I know what you mean about capturing little bits of beauty with your camera, and it re-focusing you a bit. I hope you're able to replace it soon.

Sarah HB said...

Gosh..that is horrible!

I hope you get your new camera soon.

Sner said...

evil bad karma for the people who took your camera! Optim is one of those fibres I've been avoiding because I know it will lead to my wallet opening and much money flying out ;-)

Beth said...

oh no! that's terrible that your camera was stolen. I was anticipating coming to your blog and seeing some beautiful hand spun. Hope you can replace it soon!

Carol said...

Oh. Boy that bites big time. I hope the person who swiped your camera gets whatever they deserve.

flwrhead said...

I'm so sorry! I can't wait to see your new yarn! I'm doing the photo-a-day (although I've missed quite a few days) and it definitely has opened my eyes to all sorts of things I never would have noticed!