Tuesday, February 20

Pictures - new shelves - yay!

So I took some pictures last night after I got home - here's the new shelves in my room that I posted about a couple of days ago. I'm just so happy with them! My paperbacks had been hanging out on the side of my dresser for years now - and tended to fall over, I was even able to clear some room on that bookshelf for more knitting books!! Not that I tend to buy so many any more, and the books that are cramming the shelves at Borders these days, really just don't inspire me so much.

And yeah - that's my handdyed, handspun variation of the Azalea shawl hanging up over my bed. I told you I was going to do that - but never posted a picture or anything (till now, of course).

So the new job - busy - thrown in at the deep end. It will be interesting though, and I'm picking things up pretty quickly (after 2 days). I'm being paid a salary, which means no over time, and I worked an 11 hour day yesterday - but got out of there while the getting was good right at 5:00 tonight.

Oh, and I don't get paid till the 9th of March - so there goes my bright idea to go out and buy a drumcarder right away - but I'll be doing that on my first paycheck, or maybe my second depending.

Oh - and this morning, my 2nd day at work, I got all dressed in black - black jeans, black long sleeved knit shirt, black leather jacket.... Thinking that my new black shoes were in my bag that I schlep back and forth from the BBE's house... Got all the way to work.... And the shoes were not in the bag. They're at the BBE's house. I'd worn brown shoes (cute! But brown) with my all black office - but what was I going to do? Be late for my second day because I'm such a doofus that I don't have the right shoes with me? Or just not say anything about it, and hope the guys don't notice (they are guys). Well. I played it off, and came directly to the BBE's house after work to make sure that I had my black shoes with me for tomorrow.

And then my daughter called me at lunchtime - she's temping this week, and wasn't feeling well - and the people that she's working with - they're talking about sports... and she's feeling nauseous.... and they won't stop talking about sports..... So I just told her that she could finish out the day, and do it for the short term. I don't know if I ever mentioned on my blog about the all sports all the time at my last job... It was football, baseball, basketball, college included - the spreads, the players, the coaches, non-stop all day every day. Just thinking about it makes me want to scream. So far at the new job? Nobody has said word one about anything sports related, except to mention that playing golf is a big passion for one of my bosses. That I can handle. No blow by blows, no critiques of whether this player is worth that much money - no second guessing what the coaches did. Whew.

Anyway - I've not been knitting so much, but have been doing a bit of spinning, sadly no pictures. I tried to start a new bobbin on my Skipper last night, but not being so used to actually spinning on the bobbin led wheel was giving me a lot of broken singles and frustration - but I won't be giving up.

Oh, yeah I was talking about my shelves. You can see that there's still lots of room, and I'm sure that this will evolve (or just get messy) but on the top shelf I have some of my bigger fiction books, that I haven't read yet. A random vase, and a candle.

On the second shelf I have all of my extra bobbins and a couple of books.

The third shelf is just trashy fiction paperbacks that I like to read.

4th shelf, well - it's got stuff - extra dpn's and crochet hooks, and chatchke's.

The shelf below that has my handcards and combs.

And at the bottom is my niddy noddy.

Not bad for a freecycled little bookshelf, and otherwise unused space eh?


mote said...

:grins: I own about six of the books you have on your shelf - you have good taste in trashy paperbacks!

Sarah said...

Nice shelf unit!

Good luck with the new job.

flwrhead said...

Your bookshelf is awesome! I covet your combs, going to have to buy some soon, I know. And a carder?!?!?! You're getting a carder????? No fair! (jk)

Re: sports in the workplace. My friend works for the SEC. It's such an old boy's club that she's afraid to break out her knitting on trips to Atlanta (2.5 hour drive) because it'll hurt her in the eyes of her coworkers. Now THAT sucks!!!


Monika said...

The shelf looks nice and orderly. The sad thing is, it never stays that way. My bookshelves are cramped full, there's no space between anything. Wish you good luck with your new job!

Windyridge said...

It looks fabulous and cozy. I also like the idea of using knitting as a wallhanging. I'll have to try that someday. Anyway it all looks great. Nice job and glad your job is looking good.

"T" Van Hoecke said...

Love all of your little toilet paper rolls there in the corner ; )

Nice Shelf!

Shell said...

Sounds like the job is going good!
Good job on the shelves too!

April said...

I love your "wall hanging"! Lace still eludes me, but I'm thinking the first will have to be displayed that way! I'm loving your shelving too. BTW the beautiful handspun displayed so artfully......if it's taking up too much room let me know and I'll "store" it for you. lol Congrats on the new job and on the steps towards better happiness. You always inspire me. Thanks Abi!

SpindleKnits said...

Your shawl is gorgeous on the wall like that and OMG! You weren't kidding when you said your bobbins for your other wheel were huge! Wow! Now that's a bobbin! :-)

Kris said...

The shelves look great. It goes well with the shawl. Like the other commenter I enjoyed seeing all the rolls in the corner.

Ducktastic said...

That is the coolest shelf! I wish I could do something like that in my house (1950's starter home = no storage space). I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I LOVE your Azalea shawl. The colours on that are just divine. :)

Anonymous said...

Happiness is seeing you happy

Abby Franquemont said...

You know, it's funny -- I look those shelves (and I've *been* looking at them) and I can see all the things in MY life that need to go someplace like that, and all the things I recognize the thought put into how they go where they do... and the thought that keeps coming to mind is "If I ever stop doing laundry, so help me, I'm getting a bedside shelf and a chairside shelf and I will find the time to bring some ORDER TO MY LIFE!"

I covet your cozy orderliness with a place for everything, including the inevitable roll of toilet paper rolls swathed in yarn. ;-)

Sarah said...

Love it!

But I'm particularly impressed with the TP roll bobbin stack along the side!



Sner said...

I didn't even notice the TP rolls until about the fourth look at the picture ha! I guess they just looked like art (which they are).

The shawl looks great btw.