Thursday, March 22

Whew - here's a quickie

Wow - things have been busy! Got my camera back on Monday - unpacked it, and put batteries in to charge, and promptly fell asleep for three hours. Too late to take any pics, totally lost the light.

Tuesday - Went home, took some pics - did some laundry, and took care of dinner etc... Decided not to come over to the BBE's house to get on the net because Boo had work in the morning.

Tonight - it's late and I want to get to bed, but I have pictures, and I want to post the prettiness! It's taken me f o r e v e r to get everything ready and loaded up, had to re-load Flickr uploader, and I'm working from my new to me laptop (thanks baby!). Problem is, this laptop seriously needs more RAM to handle the load that uploading my pictures takes.

I had to take the BBE to the hospital earlier, he fell at work today, right onto his ankle, about 4 feet and twisted it pretty badly. I thought for sure that it was broken from the pain that he was in earlier. But of course he wouldn't let me stop and go get a wheelchair, had to hop into the hospital. X-rays, splints, crutches, and drugs have all happened, and now it's just up to a bit of time to let him heal. He does not do very well with being helpless, that's for sure!

Anyway - on to the main event. Pictures! Yay!

Here's the Optim that I've been spinning on my cutout spindle for months now.

Just a plain ole 2 ply, about 295 yards total. Very fine, and very pretty I love Optim!

And here's the wheelspun Optim that I plied with soy silk to make the Handsome Triangle shawl from Victorian Knitted Lace. This was sent to me by Helena of The Good Sheep over on Etsy. She did a beautiful job on the dyeing, and I love the colors. I wanted enough yarn to make a decent sized project, so I took the optim and plied it with some Soy Silk singles that I'd spun up well over a year ago - maybe 2, it had been hanging around on a bobbin waiting for me to get some inspiration - and it finally struck.

I'm so bummed that the "during" pics of me spinning it, and the skeined yarn were still in my camera when it got stolen! But here it is in it's happy little yarn cake - and here it is in the beginning of the project.

As far as the job situation goes - I gave my notice at the job that I actually have (seems funny to call it the old job, when I've only been there a month!). I start the new new job on Monday. Just waiting to hear if they want me in at 8 or 9 Monday morning.

As I was leaving work, the boss asked me - "So, what's wrong with you?" Erm - nothing's wrong with me! I just prefer to work in a nice, friendly, happy environment. I basically just told him that it was too stressful an environment for me to be in and be happy. So yeah, big deep breaths and happiness all round.

Oh, and I've decided that I'm definitely - finally going to paint the living room this weekend. Rounding up the troops to get started Friday night after work. I'll take before and after pics - though I might be a bit embarrassed at the before pics, it's bad at the moment. I've been there for 5 years, and the place hadn't been painted in lord knows how long before I moved in. Just so you know.

Anyway - really this was supposed to be quick! I need to get to bed. Just a shot of Mt Tam as I was leaving the BBE's house the other morning with my new camera!


Monika said...

All that you still got time to knit and spin. The yarn looks beautiful. Hope the ankle heals soon. Good luck with the painting! I did a few rooms in our house, never do it again! ;o) Nice morning picture as well. Good luck in your new job!

Sarah HB said...

Glad you got your new camera.

Love your spinning.

Good luck with the new job.

Margene said...

Beautiful spinning! May the new job be just what you need/want. Your mountains remind me of the mountains here!

Reggie said...

I'm glad you got a new camera, I missed the pictures. Sorry to hear about the BBE's ankle...but I'm glad it was just a sprain. Now tie him to a chair for the weekend so it can heal properly. I love the new yarn/shawl! What a pretty colorway. I have yet to try optim, but it's on my list!

Carol said...

I love the colours on your spinning. Just beautiful. And if your almost-ex-boss is asking what's wrong with YOU? Well, it's a good thing he is the almost ex-boss. Must be quite the cheerful environment! Not!

SpindleKnits said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous spinning and knitting Abi! I'm glad that you got another camera, I love to see pics of your stuff.
Hope the BBE's ankle heals soon, and good luck on starting the new job on Monday!

flwrhead said...

Your old boss's comment is PRECISELY why you made the right decision to leave there! What a jerk! Your spinning looks great, I'm still not ready to touch the soysilk in my fiber stash.