Sunday, April 29


My eternally skitzy kitty Ember finally - finally - had her first litter of kittens. I noticed that she was lookin quite definitely on the wow - she's stout all of a sudden kind of way when we were painting last month. I've always said that I wanted her to have one litter, and then get her spayed. Well, we've had her for 4 years, and she finally sprogged out.

Last weekend she had the kittens on the top shelf of my closet, where I keep my sweaters - on cashmere, no less! Luckily it was cashmere that I'd found at a thrift store, and didn't wear so much. But cashmere! My kitty does have good taste. She only had three babies. She's not so big herself, so that's not so surprising... But the funny thing is that they are all white - all three of them - pure white. Not a spot, not a stripe, just white.

A couple of days after she had them she moved them into the bottom tier of one of my Fangst units (Fangst's are those big tubes that you can get at Ikea and are great for yarn.

Sigh... You'd think she was doing this just to upset me - but the kittens, they are all so cute. And so white! All white... Weirdest thing, there haven't been any white cats nosing around - she most certainly isn't white - and all three of the babies are just purely white...


I have to say it's awfully nice to have kittens around, they are so cute! I'm sure I will be thinking that it is maybe not so nice when they start getting around the house a bit more. But at least there's only three of them... And of course it just makes it so hard to name them, or keep track of which one is which! I'm thinking Huey Dewey and Louie... The BBE is thinking Larry Curly and Mo.

Other than that - I'm still feeling pretty badly out of sync with myself, and my crafting stuff... Starting two new jobs in two months seems to have thrown me for a bit of a loop. I'm not sure if it's because I just haven't been really excited or motivated about a project for a while, or if it's just because I'm really feeling the need to get acclimated to my new surroundings. I really like my new job - but there's more of a commute, the start time is slightly earlier, and I'm doing a lot of new stuff. But I haven't been exercising as much lately either (which of course, could be contributing to my general feeling of discombobulation).

There has been a bit of spinning though. I finished off another bobbin of the kid merino/mohair blend that I got from Leah at a Yarn or a Tale. It is lovely stuff! I'm liking spinning it, but all the white is always a bit of a challenge. I'm thinking that one more ply would be a nice thing, silk probably - but I haven't gotten it yet. I could just ply the two together and have enough for another shawl... but then again, knitting with all that white... we'll see if I actually get anything done with it at all - specially with my track record at the moment.

So I also started spinning some colorful stuff that I dyed a while back, blues and purples on one bobbin - mystery wool (I bought it at the guild swap meet, and never found out what the breed was). And the other purples and pinks in a superfine merino. I've finished off the second bobbin, but wanted to do a third ply again, I am sure I had some of the darker roving left over. Really almost positive. I've asked the kids - told them that if they did happen to throw it away, I'd really like to know, just so I could stop looking for it. But they denied getting rid of it. I think I'm just crazy, though I could well have spun it all up to start with. Spent an hour - (while the Shield was on even!) searching high and low - no sign of it. So I'm trying to decide what to do with these two bobbins too, just ply them as is, or dye something to go with? I'd dearly like to get a silky bit in there too.

I just keep flipping back and forth between projects - nothing to get my teeth into - don't want to do anything that I've already got on the needles... I think I'm officially in a knitting slump. Hope it doesn't last too much longer.

In brighter news - I won a hot $52 from the lottery today! Whoo Hoo - Took the BBE out to dinner with it.

He was lovely to me today - I had a couple of spindles that the hooks had broken off on. He fixed them up, good as new, and found a couple of other spindle possibilities to turn into actual spindles - one just a toy wheel - another a plastic stirrer thingy that I found before it got thrown away that looked like a perfect candidate for a spindle. We just used cuphooks from the hardware store, and voila - my spindle collection is looking quite respectable again.

Until next time.


Dame Wendy said...

Kitties!!! So adorable. Hurray from mama kitty. :)

Dame Wendy said...

ha, I meant "Hurray for (not from) mama kitty"

It's just too early for me still.

Pixie said...

pretty kitties pretty yarn!

Sarah said...


I love them.

Stariel said...

So Cute! So, the thing about white cats is that it's a dominant gene, so probably the father was solid white and by the luck of strange statistics they all turned out white. Underneath their white they have color genes, but you can't see them because the pigment never migrates to the hair follicles.

(Probably more than you wanted to know.)

Sarah HB said...

Cute kitties! Mommy has good taste.

Hope you get the knitting mojo back but two jobs in two months will do that to you.

kessa said...

Maybe the kittens are albino? They look really sweet!

Julie said...

Ack! So cute!!! I'm not a cat person in any way shape or form, but even I cannot resist the allure of the kittens. ;)

meg said...

Aaaaw, I love fuzzle kittens! Sounds like mama kitty knows where you keep your precious things & wanted to follow suit. Did you try washing the sweater, or was it a total loss?
Spindle repairers & makers rock the whole world, too ;o)

Batty said...

Kittens! Oooh, kittens! They are so cute!