Friday, April 20

Much ado about not much

Whew - life has been busy and hectic lately! The new job is going well... But boy, I sure hate starting new jobs! There's a lot that I've learned, and a lot that I've got to learn, and a few rookie fumbles along the way. This is the main reason I stayed at the last place as long as I did. I really really didn't want to have to learn another job. I am happy to report that I do like where I'm at, and I really hope to be able to stay there for a very long time.

But yeah, I've been busy, my poor brain is on overload most of the time. I really don't have anything but pretty pictures to show off. There's a little bit of spinning to show off, the front and back plackets of my newest No Gauge Swatch Top are ready to knit together.... I have another top that I totally flubbed the armhole/neckband on, which I need to rip and redo. But no pictures of anything handy at the moment.

One of my big problems right now is that the minute I get to anything even slightly complicated, or needing a modicum of time to concentrate, I just stall out totally. My poor brain just can't seem to do the most simple calculations. If I was clever I'd be working on socks, or my OCLC, or something else that I can do with my hands on auto-pilot. But I guess I'm obviously just not that clever, most nights I get home and collapse on the couch, and watch HGTV almost exclusively. I'm hoping this trend will not last much longer!

Here's a great example of what happens to me when I'm on brain overload...

Last night at work I had a bagillion things to get together for a meeting in the East Bay, and my desk had explodimificated. I also had to cancel 3 Nextel accounts for employees who had been let go. And my daughter called twice to ask me what I was doing about dinner!

How did I do? Well, I got most of the stuff that I needed for the meeting. I e-mailed the notifications in, and I made some semblance of order at my desk. I got out to the car with a laptop bag, a projector, various and sundry chargers, cables, cords, and plans. I even had my Mapquest printout to get me to the meeting. I had the handouts for the meeting. I thought, isn't there something else that I need to go inside for? Nah, I've got it.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home, as I do almost every single night, and realised I'd left my purse behind. D'oh! Not much this gal can do without her purse, and just the $8 in her pocket. I know that it's just too late to go back to the office and get the purse, I don't have keys, and knew there was no way anyone else was there. So, called the BBE and asked if I could borrow some cash for the night (and I hate borrowing money from the BBE!). Had to drive to his house, pick it up - go back to the grocery store, and the drug store too now, because my everyday makeup all lives in my purse too.

So anyway - get to the meeting this morning, early enough to get everything set up, but have no help in getting an unfamiliar projector/sound system set up. But we managed to get it working, (while the meeting was going on) but I managed to get through the meeting fairly well...

Get back to the office, and my boss has her Nextel on my desk with a note that says it doesn't work. Oh crikey. Turns out that I asked to have her unit suspended last night. One of the employees that had been let go had the same last name and is one line away from her in the database. Whoopsee! and D'oh! Friggin eck batman. Thank goodness it's Friday!

I will be so happy when I've got a better handle on all this. Man I really hate starting new jobs.

Anyway - on a happier note - we've gotten our courtyard presentable for the nicer weather (though it's supposed to rain here all weekend). I'm really looking forward to getting my wheel out there and sitting outside spinning.This was taken from my front door - the door you see on the other side of the courtyard is one of my neighbor's back door. Where I live is pretty much communal outside space, and it's just really nice to have my area cleaned up and looking kind of pretty for a minute.


Monika said...

Your life seems very stressful. It's nice that you still see the beauty in your surroundings, like the beautiful flower!

Sner said...

I can't tell you how many whoppsies I've made in my career. I've actually done the "had my boss' cell turned off instead of the other one" but I had way less excuse than you. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. Most of the time that's enough to make me forget the stress of the job!

Have fun - can't wait to see some knitting and spinning.

Tracy said...

I was wondering how your new job was going. Sorry about the stress but it will all work out.----I'll cross my fingers that rain passes you by this weekend. :-)