Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone had a lovely day. We didn't do anything at my house to observe anything - just had an amazingly lazy weekend. I've been spinning the purple and blue roving from the last post on my Joy. Almost done with it, and probably would be done with it, but I've found that too much worsted spinning does cause some issues with my wrist, so am trying to take it easy.

I've also got some pics of the Merino/Kid Mohair that I've been spinning. I haven't been able to face spinning up another bobbin of white fiber just yet, so am playing with the colorful stuff for now.

Pretty, and soft! But not so exciting to spin.

I got it in a cloud prep, and don't want to dye it and then have to comb the whole mass. So figured I'd spin it up white. I'm thinking of maybe spinning up another bobbin of this, and then maybe a bobbin of plain silk (more white!) and plying them all together, or maybe just spinning another bobbin of this and then making another lace shawl.

When I went to go out and photograph the Merino/Silk, I found this amazing group of fungi living on a log out in front of my house. It's almost velvety looking, but my biggest question is whether or not these could be used for dyeing. I know that fungus can be used for some pretty cool colors... I should probably just gather it up and try it out, but I'm not sure if it would need a special mordant or not? I have alum, and vinegar. And can get my hands on other things - but not so sure if I could get some good colors out of this stuff in the first place.

I've been knitting as well... Another version of my No Gauge Swatch top - link to the free pattern on the left sidebar. This time I'm doing just a one color version (well, variegated). This is done in Phoenix Soy Silk 100% soy silk from SWT. I love working with it. But have not been too impressed with the amount of knots in the yarn so far. I'll just weave in the ends, and it will be fine.

I have so many other cool things to show, it's been great having my camera back! I got this deer the day after I had the camera in my hands. They are so tame where I live! They just will come right up into my courtyard and eat everything that they can get their mouths around.

And the other really pretty one that I got was this lovely bearded iris up by the Main House.
And with that - I have to sign off, it's been decided that we need to leave to grab a bite to eat - like right now! I really get annoyed by being rushed through these blog posts, especially when I've had so few opportunities to actually get anything up here lately. So much more, but stay tuned.

BTW - two weeks into the new job, and I'm love, love, loving it!


Sarah HB said...

Glad you like the job!! That is great.

SWTC yarn very often seems to have way too many knots for the money. The top looks nice.

Beth said...

Glad you are liking your new job!

You have inspired me to spin yarn for a shawl. I got some white superwash merino that is sitting here waiting to be spun up to lace weight (Hopefully) But I'm struggling thru a shawl right now that I am using store bought yarn with so one with handspun may be a long way off.

But seeing the shawls you have made with handspun has made me want to give it a try!

Monika said...

I love reading good news! You have amazing wild life around you, be it flowers, mushrooms or animals, and such great pictures!
I want to learn spinning, of course you'll say, but seeing all those beautiful spun yarns, I want to give it a try. You are my inspiration, because you make such wonderful yarn. I've stuck my nose into some spinning tutorials and got scared. There's so much to learn! ;o) How did you learn?

SpindleKnits said...

Oooh, your spinning is droolworthy. You have the patience of a saint to spin so fine the entire bobbin. I normally start getting impatient and it gets thicker and thicker as the bobbin fills. ;-)
I'm glad to hear you like the job, and with wildlife in the backyard too - life is good!