Saturday, October 6

Another No Gauge Swatch Top

So I've got another FO! Whoo Hoo! I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago, but just wasn't able to get around to posting any pictures of it. I finally got my son to take some pictures of me in it. That was interesting. He took a whole bunch of pictures, and when I went to look at them in the camera, they were all head shots! Dude, I need pictures of the top!. So back out we went, and he got a whole bunch of headless shots. I don't know about you, but I just like to be able to see who is wearing the stuff that I look at online. Finally he started taking pictures of the right area, but by that time, the light was about gone, and most of them came out blurry. D'oh - I'll train him up right eventually.

So without further ado. Here you go

A head shot

A headless shot...

And one that didn't come out too blurry. Of course I think they're terrible pictures of me, but at least they show that I've made some progress.

If anyone's interested - this is the pattern on the Left sidebar over there, I just used SWT Phoenix (a soysilk tape) in a pretty variegated blue/purple colourway. Added a 5 rounds of half double crochets around the neck and the bottom, instead of the lace pattern in the original, and voila! A new original top - designed by me! =)

In my last post I wrote that the BBE and I were growing apart, and it just got to the point where I decided to break it off with him a couple of weeks ago. So, I'm single again - and not so sure about how I feel about it. I'm sort of putting myself out there a bit, and have had a few "coffee dates" now. No big deal, one that I really liked and am planning on seeing again next week. We'll see how it all goes. I'm feeling pretty discombobulated by it all, and haven't got any exciting new projects to write about. I want to start something new, but just haven't been motivated to do any actual work yet. I'll get there though.

Last weekend was my company picnic at Marine World. I tried to get the Boo to go with me, but he couldn't be bothered to get out of bed, so I went solo. I had a great time though! There were no lines on any of the roller coasters, so we got to go on a couple of them right in a row. We saw the Killer Whale exhibit, went on roller coasters, the butterfly house was amazing... I got some good pics!


elizabeth said...

Oh Abi, I'm so sorry about the BBE! But I'm also proud of you for getting back out there; I know how hard that can be! I think your photos are lovely, and it's really funny that your son didn't know what to focus on! Other than another knitblogger, who would?!? Wishing you the best,

meg said...

Sorry about the not-BBE. Sweet sorrow & all, eh?
Lovely top! That flutterby bears an alarming resemblance to a big, scary m-o-t-h, though. *shudders*

Batty said...

Sorry about the BBE.

The top is lovely. It fits amazingly well, and that blue is your color.