Friday, November 9

Weirdness abounds!

Yeah, so the last couple of weeks have been pretty darn hectic. Work is hectic; Dating is hectic; The universe has been throwing me curve balls all over the place; Progress on projects of any sort has been pretty non-existant and yet, I'm still plugging away.

I started a Veil of Isis shawl in my Abby Batt yarn, just got through the first chart, and when I went to work on it yesterday - well, somehow it was no longer on the needles... D'oh! So I started swatching my plumpy plum yarn instead.

No progress really there.

I've decided to go ahead and list a couple of things on e-bay - I have a Mongold spindle that I never use. These are highly sought after and collectible spindles. I bought it years ago from Scottish Fibres when I still lived in England. It's a full sized one, with the etching that is the trademark of these lovely spindles. They are quite literally indestructible. Though I haven't used it enough to do any damage to it. I think in the 7 years that I've had it I've used it to ply one skein, and probably spun up half a cop worth of singles. The whorl is nice and big, so you can fit a lot of yardage on this puppy - it's a perfect plying spindle, but I usually use my wheels for plying.

The other thing that I'm putting up for sale is Knitting Lace by Susanna Lewis... I bought it new in London, and have never really used it.

The reason I'm putting up these rare finds? I got the car that I was talking about a few posts back! I'm making payments on it, and need the extra income.

I keep meaning to get some of the Optim that I imported dyed and put up on Etsy - maybe this weekend? Except of course, I have to reorganize my entire Monstrosity of Stash...

I got home last night. Boo had been home sick all day, he had decided to go ahead and move the yarn that I have in the living room, and replace it with the desk which used to be in my room.... Now, the yarn that I have in the living room is not all the yarn that I have (not by any means). But it did occupy the corner of the living room in a big way! So I got home last night, and saw that something was decidedly different. It took me a minute to figure it out - but there was my desk (sans the shelves that sit on top of it), in the corner - between the couches. My desk chair was in there too. But there is no room to actually pull the chair out, you know, to maybe sit in it or something?

I looked in my room, and this is what I saw. OMG! I was so upset! Yarn everywhere, all over the floor. All the contents of the desk strewn onto my bed. I just don't even know where to start to get this all sorted out. I think everything is just going to have to go back the way it was, because we can't figure out another configuration for the furniture in the living room that will handle the desk as well.

I'd been wanting to rearrange, and reorganise the yarn - but was so daunted (it's a huge job) that I haven't gotten started on it yet. Now it looks like I'm going to have to.

So I got home, and I yelled at him - took a shower - got out, yelled some more... Cancelled the date that I was supposed to go out on, cried for a minute - and then passed out on the couch.

And the dating thing? Being single is really not fun for me! But I've been out with some interesting people - there was a NASA engineer (a bona fide rocket scientist!), a painting contractor, a contractor who specialises in remodeling and updating Victorians in the City. A film maker, and even my ex-cousin-in-law!!! Which was a totally random happening! We were both pretty freaked out when he discovered the connection (as you can imagine!) The ex-cousin-in-law is my English ex-husbands first cousin - I pretty much figured it out as soon as I saw his first e-mail. He was named after their grandfather.... Turns out he lives less than 4 blocks from my house. What are the freaking odds!?!?!?

The BBE and I were talking there for a bit, but that all went horribly wrong... right now I'm feeling really disgusted with him, which is taking up way too much space in my head... but I know that things weren't going anywhere, and I know that I'm better off where I'm at. It's just very difficult! But I'm getting through it.

I have a nice walk planned for later today, which I'm really looking forward to... First I have to go to my mom's house. She's moving to Arizona in a couple of weeks, and getting rid of a lot of stuff. I need stuff.... She has nice stuff. This whole thing has been really hard too. My mom and I aren't really very close, even though she lives about 2 miles from me, we don't see each other, or talk very often. Now she's moving far away.

So yeah, things are a bit stressful for me just lately. I just keep showing up for work, which is going pretty well, the gal that was on maternity leave is back, so now I'm just doing my own job, instead of both of our jobs... I'm just trying to put one foot in front of the other, and see where things go. That's the hardest part about all of this - I really don't like the limbo feeling, I never have. Not having a framework of a relationship (no matter how limiting) is something that I am just not used to. But that doesn't mean that I'm just going to settle for just anything. I know what I want, and I will know when I find it.



Monika said...

Boy, reading all of this, brings one thing to mind, "that sucks". I know you are a strong person and you will get through it all! Now what was the lace book you were putting on ebay again. Let's see if I can find it. Is it any good? Wish you all the best!

Lynn said...

Hey, hang in there. Life is hard sometimes and easier other times. That's just the way it goes.

Sner said...

So glad to see you back. I hope everything sorts its self out exactly as it is supposed to!

Sarah said...

Wow Abi....a ton going on!

Hope that you can find a little time for yourself over the holidays at least.


April said...

Glad to hear from you again. Missed your posts. The holidays can be a hard time with so much going on. Hang in there, it'll get better. (HUGS)

BTW, I tagged you on a recent post.

Hope to "read" you soon. ;)

Batty said...

Wow, how daunting! That's a lot of stuff, and so much life stuff too... don't forget to take a breather every once in a while!

magnusmog said...

Thanks for finding the time to advise a newbie spinner in the middle of all that!

I'm going to try dyeing the fleece first as you suggested.

Hopefully there will be photos :)

DeltaDawn said...

Wait Wait Wait - BBE is no more? I'm sooooo out of touch. I'm sorry to hear about that but giggled at your list of dates - interesting at least, right? On old friend and I had the same philosophy on dating - you either get a great time or a great story!

Hang in there.