Thursday, December 27

How Plummy!

Another project finished! Just in time for the new year! I'm calling it my Plummy Top.

I started it on the trip to Yosemite on Thanksgiving day weekend.

I just did a gauge swatch, and cast on the proper number of stitches to fit me around the bottom. Knit a 3x2 rib for a looooong time! Then I decreased within the purl portions all the way around, evenly spaced. Switched over to stockinette, and increased back out to my original number of stitches - and knit for a while more. I marked a couple of stitches directly under where the girls reside, and did a couple of of double increases just in that area. Joined the sleeves to the body, and did a standard v-neck, by knitting back and forth. Decreasing every other row on the outside of a little 1x1 rib that I used on the neck.

When I was done, I was done - all I had to do was weave in 2 yarn tales - and put it on!

I'm pleased! I'm very pleased actually... It fits wonderfully!

Here's a pic of the back

A lot of the shaping was total ballpark guesstimate on my part - but it all worked out perfectly, and fits really really well, and it's flattering!

Christmas was pretty good round at abiabode - not too much going on. I basically tried to make sure that Boo got enough stuff. Ended up driving the daughter all over creation and back on Christmas day - didn't get my bread in the oven until much later than I wanted to...

I cooked a prime rib, roast potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, with braided egg bread, and for dessert an apple, blackberry custardy tart thingy, which was ok, an experiment more than anything. Of course that meant that I got to whip the whipped cream by hand - at least I got my exercise that day!

Oh - I have big news! Really big news!

My Azalea shawl (there's a partial pic of it at the top of the blog there) - handdyed, and handspun, handknit by me - is not hanging over my bed at the moment. It's in Colorado right now. It won't be back until March.

Why is the Azalea shawl in Colorado?

Well... It's being photographed by the most lovely people at Interweave that publish Spin Out! Isn't that the most exciting thing!?!? I was e-mailed out of the blue by the editor asking if she could feature it in the Readers Gallery. I didn't even have to submit it or anything! She saw it on Flickr, and requested that I send it to her. So I did. Keep your eyes out when the Spring issue of SO comes out.

Other exciting (maybe) news... The BBE and I are trying to work things out. Still a lot of problems - but I'm trying, and he's trying. I'm feeling a bit unhopeful about the whole thing today - but that could well change tomorrow. We'll see.

Anyway - one more shot of the Plummy Top

Until next time... I'm working on a hat for the BBE's birthday using size silly small needles, out of some 4 ply wool - just plain grey, but I'm going to try to go for something a bit technical this time. I'll post pics as soon as I get some.


Batty said...

Wow, that looks great on you! The shaping, the color, everything. Very flattering, shows off your curves to great advantage.

And requiring practically no finishing is a big plus. I have way too many WIPs that get turned into UFOs because of the dreaded finishing stage.

K2Karen said...

Plummy is gorgeous--and it fits so nicely too. Congratulations on a job well done!

Sarah HB said...

Plummy looks great and congrats on being in IK!

DeltaDawn said...

So amazed how you whip these things up on the fly - it's gorgeous! And fits, and looks great - shazam. Nice to see you on the kb!

DeltaDawn said...

OMG - forgot to WOO HOOOOOOO about IK - totally fabulous!!!

Monika said...

Your top looks wonderful, and you in it too. I think you lost weight too. (I need to, but can't. A bit obsessed right now). Are you saying that you knit the sleeves and all in one? I didn't quite understand that part. Anyway, I really hope all works out with BBE and you. Guys should just grow up!
I always thought you Shawl is a master piece, congratulations on that too! Hava a Happy New Year!

zib said...

Oh wow! What lovely work Abi!! Simply gawwwgeous dahlink!

Tracy said...

Hey Woman!!! It's been awhile....Plumy looks FAB and that's such coooool news about SpinOff, I'll be watching for it.

BTW you're looking mighty foxy, no wonder BBE wants to work things out! :-)

Meg said...

Pretty! Imagine a bit of experience with your own proportions & knitting went into that 'guesstimate' :). Excellent work! :-D

Sue, aka seiding said...

Whoo Hoo! I love Plummy, and I'm so glad one of your excellent hand-spun projects is being recognized. Too cool!

Kris said...

Plummy is gorgeous and that's exciting news about being in spin off.

Dame Wendy said...

Purple-tastic! So pretty. :)

Yay for Interweave! How exciting.

Carol said...

Taht looks great! and to think you did it by the seat of your pants is impressive as all get out.