Monday, January 14

Disasters abound!

Storms - lots of storms in this neck of the woods.

Luckily we are all warm, safe and dry. Tree sized branches did come down in my yard during the night - but luckily that was the worst that I've had to deal with.

I ended up going in to work last Saturday to answer phones, I do work for a landscaping company, and our tree care department gets an awful lot of calls right after a storm like we just had.

The bigger disaster in my mind was that my Plummy Plum from the last post... Well - it ended up in the laundry. It wasn't exactly my fault - I got to the laundry area and found that the neighbor had put my wet clothes into the dryer already, so I put the money in and went home. When I went to go fold the laundry, this was what I found.

It fits Gwen though! And she likes it!

I'm a bit bummed... But I think I have enough yarn to make another one, and knitting has commenced. I'm just about done with the bottom ribbing, and will be making a few minor adjustments from the original, but I think that will just give me an opportunity to make a few tweaks - less increases on the sleeves, slightly smaller in the body, and carry the V-neck all the way up into the raglan decreases. It will be lovely. Fingers crossed that I can make it with the yarn that I have left.

One nice thing about handspun, is that I can make more if needs be - though I don't have any more of one of the fibers. But I do have more of the rambo/silk blend and the optim. I'll just use two plies of the r/s and one ply of the optim, and it will be a bit more blue up towards the top, but should work out ok.

And here's my little bit of knitting completed last year. I did a lot of spinning, and a lot of dyeing - not so many knitting projects completed, but I'm pleased with everything on this little mosaic, and that's all that really counts, right? Plus 3/4ths of them were made out of handspun - that's something to pat myself on the back for. Pat. Pat.


Monika said...

We had a storm here too. No branches off our trees, but all around in the neighborhood. I almost cried when I saw your plummy all shrunken! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that you'll have enough yarn left for another one! All your FO are lovely and you are right, you deserve a pat on the shoulder for using your handspun! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ab,
It was great to see your post. What a mess that storm made of your yard. I'm glad everyone is all right. Gwenny looks very cute in your plummy. Your new sweater will be even better.

Things are good here.

malegra said...

What a beautiful portfolio! Gorgeous projects!